Innocent Being wrongfully convicted..

I'm asking for you to sign my Petition.. There are so many innocent people being wrongfully convicted of a crime they didn't and wasn't involved in.. People being sent to prison for the rest of there lives away from there family's.. As long as they keep people in jail. The jail makes $1.000 a day for every person that sits in there jail.. Why keep letting them get away with all that.. Cause somebody to scared to step up and say something. Well I'm not scared to open my mouth and say that it's wrong and it needs to stop.. Lamar county Texas is the main ones that I'm talking about. So please take a stand and help me out by signing this for me.. That's all I'm asking so they might be stopped... Im not gonna keep my mouth shut on this matter. Ima do what I can till it stops.. So im asking please take five mins outta your day to sign this..Think about if it's someone you love that's being wrongfully convicted.. You would be doing the same thing im trying to do to help them. Free my husband Jamie husband Jamie elrod is innocent.. Free Jamie Elrod.. And please share my petition with everyone you know please.. I'm not gonna stop my big mouth will be heard.. Im a wife that will not stop ever I will go above and beyond for My family. And other people's family.. Free my husband and other innocent people.. Thank you God Bless

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