Investigate 2020 Election Issues as fiercely as you did Russian issues in 2016!

We, the American voters, deserve an investigation into the voting irregularities, states' voting process changes, voting system malfunctions and election worker actions that have given rise at the grassroots level for concerns about the integrity of our elections.

There is too much anecdotal evidence in many states relative to data mining for voters, ballot harvesting and physical poll worker tampering not to open a Congressional investigation.  These grassroots concerns give rise to this petition and given the ardent investigation into Russia in 2016 and their potential impact on elections; it is only fair and right that the same consideration be given to an investigation relative to the 2020 elections.

Included in the investigation should be the role that social media giants and the broadcast media played in effecting a potential outcome through subliminal or purposely placed biased media.  As well as, the censorship of users must be investigated.  It is time that social media companies and broadcast media companies,  as well as print media have to adhere to the Sherman Anti-trust laws and time to break up the monopolies in the tech world in order to secure unbiased media.  Broadcast programming and postings should adhere to an equal time equal measure standard.

Voter identification laws and eliminating same day voter registration would go a long way to eliminate issues.  Congress needs to understand that while they represent their individual constituencies, their votes and thereby the votes of the electoral college impact every American.  An investigation should be considered in order to assure the American people that the elections process is secure and free from bias and undue influence and that any remedies necessary have been inacted.


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