We the community have come to the conclusion that a.We have lost trust in Angus Mckenzie b.We believe that his divisive tactics is detrimental to the building of our community

The residents of Bonteheuwel have rallied and mobilised ourselves and came together in unity, anger and despair, to have a protest action against the scourge of violence that have engulfed our community.

It was agreed that on Wednesday 29 August 2018, at Jakkalsvlei-Valhalla Drive, Bluegum- Jakes Gerwel  and Jakkalsvlei-Jakes Gerwel Intersections the community will gather and cause a total shutdown.

We took this risk out of utter desperation to the ongoing and escalating violence in our hometown. Gangsters  still act with impunity against the peace loving residents of BONTEHEUWEL, and the community does not see SAPS and Metro Police do anything to stem the tide of gangsterism. 

We are terrorised daily with ·         Shootings ·         Robberies ·         Smash and grabs ·         Break-ins and theft ·         Drug peddling ·         Theft of burglar gates and cable theft ·         Taxis being taxed by thugs to pay protection money and their passengers robbed at gunpoint

Our local ward councilor, Angus Mckenzie, was not in support of this SHUTDOWN action. We are aware that in his capacity as an elected official, he is not at liberty to be part of an “illegal” protest action. We are however of the opinion, and we will submit proof to this effect, that the Councilor went beyond his call of duty to

1.      Attend to a publicity stunt by appearing on radio when in fact it would have been in the community’s best interest if he had been on site with the community

2.      Caused division in the community by calling the protest politically motivated

3.      By calling on residents to ignore the call for unity and not support the protest action Quote “SCHOOL CHILDREN BEING ALLOWED TO ONLY START SCHOOL AT 10H30 IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED” FB 27 Aug 17:04

4.      By scaring residents with the threat that the action will not be peaceful and as such will end in violence. He stated that if residents insist on closing roads, Public Order Policing will “not hold back” and that “they are well trained to address illegal gatherings”.

5.      By applying pressure to Metro Police to take action against a crowd that was in contravention of the law regardless of the fact that the protest was peaceful

6.      And by falsely claiming publically that the stun guns and teargas was used on the crowd after the protesters became violent which is a deliberate UNTRUTH

7.      Cllr Mckenzie alleged that the shooting  was due to miscommunication between protesters and protest organisers while protest organisers were in fact acting on a community mandate

Further to this, Cllr Mckenzie ·        

Manifests that he is committed to work with community but his actions are contradictory and he works only with registered organisations in the area and then only those he is friendly with ·        

He breaks promises he makes to the community. He promised a group of girls in Amandel Road that he will upgrade the Bessie Park and supply netball poles and to the boys he promised soccer poles and balls. He said in 2 weeks. It is 2 months later.  The community members took it on themselves to draw the netball court and procure poles. 

He does not attend meetings when invited nor make an apology that he will not attend 

Calls meetings in the morning when residents are at work who have an interest in the community 

He is reluctant to work with the CPF as he does not attend their meetings either. ·         Walks out of his own meetings that he calls when engaged by the community. ·    

His blatant disrespect for the community which he should serve is very evident in his social media comments.

He does not listen to the community but rather pursues his own agenda to make himself look good at the expense of the community

He is disconnected from the very community he is supposed to serve and makes decisions on his own without consultation Find annexures to this as evidence

It is in this regard that we as a community have come to the conclusion that a.      We have lost trust in Angus Mckenzie

b.      We believe that his divisive tactics is detrimental to the building of our community and the restoration of our home town

The community members, by signing this petition below support the call of the Bonteheuwel Residents to have Angus Mckenzie removed from office with immediate effect.    

Please note the following conditions: Signatories must be 18 yrs. and older. Anybody can sign but 2500 of those signatures must be from Ward 50. The telephone number must appear as the person must be contactable The address must be there to show which ward the person resides in.

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