It's your world, have your say. Sign here to overturn the ruling in the middle east and return human rights to the people!

1300 years is just too long. This land is given for us to care for and the life living on it. It is time that we stand together and have our say and get our way. The devastion occuring in the middle east, is beyond comprehensional. Surely, as people, we own the right, to change, what we see, as not right. No government should own the right or control to mistreat or harm its people. One plus one, we are huge. If we don't stand up and do something, then we can all own our part, in contributing and condoning the actions that are inflicted upon these people. It is time that we as people, stand up and say F**k it! THIS IS NOT RIGHT! Now surely as people, if enough of us stand up, we own the right to be heard, or to act upon our rights. I urge you all, to sign and to share this to as many as you can. It is a small act to ask toward a enormous change for good.  I've had enough, what about you? There are some of you, who may not care because it is not happening to you. It can't hurt anyone to take the moment to sign against, what we all know, is not right. This is our world, lets take it back. Stand up, or own your part. This is about taking sides, about what is right and what is not. So who's side are on? Let's get the numbers and get heard and attempt to put a stop to this shit! Everybody deserves human rights and so many are struggling to to have these. Let's overthrow the hypocracy that is governace in the middle east and inflicting devastation on its own people. Have a say, take part, sign here. Let's make the numbers to make change.  Let's take it back! XOX


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