JJ Grey PLEASE send a Happy 50th Birthday message to one of your BIGGEST Fans!

Dear Mr. Grey,

I am married to the most compassionate, soulful, generous man in the world, and lucky for you, he also happens to be one of your biggest fans! Your FaceBook page recognizing him as a top fan seems to be shadowed only by the birth of his children. My husband, Rick, was raised not just listening to music but feeling it. His parents were music enthusiasts and record store owners; this helped to facilitate his passion for real musical and lyrical talent. Since Rick came upon your music two short years ago, he never misses an opportunity to introduce your music to anyone who will listen. His announcement of your talent is not just for friends and family, but a random bank teller that he noticed was enjoying whatever song is on the radio to many others. It always tickles him when someone he told about your music takes his recommendation, seeks out your music, and is then excited to tell Rick what are their favorite songs of yours upon their next meeting.

We had the honor of going to our first concert of yours in July 2019 in Dayton, Ohio, and it was true love for your music and the unifying vibe we felt at that concert. We then bought tickets to see you in Dec 2019 near Miami. However, a bad accident while traveling to Florida made us miss that show. We then had the privilege to see you in Feb 2020 in Cleveland before Covid shut shows down. It was a blessing that it was your band that we witnessed before the stage went dark.

Rick is a devoted husband, loving father to 3 girls, a fun grandfather to 2 girls, and (finally) a boy. He is also a small business owner that works more hours than the day is light. Rick is a businessman who dedicates his skills to bring people together in a very cut-throat industry. Many times he finds common ground with someone based on music. Music is in his soul! Rick often shares and requests new music requests from his friends!

He is turning 50 this March, and we would like to celebrate his life and how he has touched so many lives. We understand that you are probably inundated with special requests, and thank you for even your attention to this plea. We hope you can send an informal message to him for his birthday in the next few weeks. Regardless of video or written, we would be honored for whatever your time allows. We know that it will make his birthday.

Sone information about who Rick is and why we ask you to send him a written or video message.......

He is a lover of humanity!
He helps others with addiction issues they may have.
He is a counselor.
He became an ordained minister to marry people because he loves love!
He teaches skills to young men that want to earn a good wage.
He believes in his family, his friends, and his country.
He has loaned small tools to older women at home depot that want to make a small repair. He often stops by to help with it.
He spends a multitude of time ensuring that his crews have work that pays well.
He loves people hard.
He still cries over friends that he lost decades ago.
He believes in treat others better than you want to be treated.
He is passionate about ensuring the women in his life feel empowered.
He believes all women should feel confident to do anything they want and, for them, the ability to protect what they have through self-defense.
He believes in the power of music and its ability to bring people together.
He loves "the greats" and continually looks for new artists/groups to see the new "greats" that may not get the recognition they deserve.
He works and has worked harder than anyone I know in one lifetime.
He is bothered if any customer has an issue with the service they paid for and strives to make it right, regardless of the cost.
He strives to make his parents proud because he has so much respect for them and what they did for him in his life with the time and circumstances they had available.
He overcame addictions that would cripple most and helps others to overcome theirs.
He loves "This River" the best.
He remembers everything and often startles people when he asks about something someone said in a previous meeting.
He is a great listener.
He hates water.
He also goes to nature to get "back to reality."
He is fair and honest in all his dealings.
He empathizes with the plight of other people.
He always gives people the benefit of the doubt.
He makes friends for decades, not days.


Thank you for your attention!

Joni Hartman

(wife of an awesome man)

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