Justice For Oakley

On January 3rd 2022 , baby Oakley was welcomed into this world early at 29 weeks, weighing only 2 lbs. 13 oz. via an emergency C-Section. I  had to have a full hysterectomy due to having placenta previa with accreta that turned into placenta percreta. I was home alone with her other two girls & 2 1/2 hours away from U of M when the complications began to take a turn . I was then rushed to covenant hospital. And later transported out to U of M where Oakley was born 2 days later due to Me hemorrhaging and my water breaking/ her placenta moving partially into my bladder . There were some complications and I needed multiple blood transfusions from losing 5 liters of blood. After spending multiple hours in surgery I was sent to SICU on a ventilator and woke up shortly after living and well. For five days of her life Oakley was  an amazing patient, a true NICU rockstar! But Since she was so small and came so early there have been a few more complicated moments that have arised . Oakley developed NEC ( Necrotizing enterocolitis ) which is a bacterial infection within the intestine due to her being given fortified (formula ) breast milk that my husband and I never agreed to . This was caught at a time doctors felt was decently early before to much damage could be done.  but she has had to endure multiple surgeries already in order to recover from this infection that was caused due to the formula being given in her breast milk far to young . She lost about 5cm of her dead intestine that had a been cut due to the infection causing multiple holes within her intestine to put air into her belly . She also had to lose her appendix due to this infection so she didn’t have any further complications in the future as well as have a silo placed until they did the second surgery to close her up and add the ostimy bag . For the time being she will have the ostimy bag for a few weeks and she will then  be re-evaluated at a later time more than likely  6-8 weeks from now to see if they can go in and reattach her intestine / colon so she can lose the ostimy bag and be put back together , so she will be in NICU for a while and has a very long journey to recovery but as her parent I want to do all that I have to in order to make sure my daughter does NOT end up back in this position fighting for her life and that is why I am reaching out to our community for help to me make sure NEC and cases like Oakleys NEVER happen again to any other  premie baby  within the NICU. I stand by this belief and I feel strongly that an underdeveloped infant body should not be given something that we know and have proof causes this infection and has taken the life of over 1,505 premature babies !!!


Aside from it all Oakley is and has remained the true definition of a little fighter! She has a long way to go hands down. but her greatest strength is that she is a fighter through and through  to her core and is staying strong! I appreciate all the love and support each of you have shown  during this time and ask that you continue to keep our family in your prayers and help us fight this battle to keep our girl safe!4502DC8B-3675-40A0-BFF3-54677900C2ED.jpeg

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