Kratom Effects and Vendors: A guide to help you decide if Kratom is right for you

What is Kratom? Miragyna Speciosa or Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree originating in Southeast Asia. The leaves from this Asian tree are known to cause a druglike effect. When taking small doses Kratom is known to increase energy and stamina, and increase social behavior. This all sounds great! However, when taking a large dose it can cause an opioid-like effect.


There are a couple popular ways to ingest Kratom. The most popular being a powder. To make this powder the leaves are processed and crushed into a dry powder that can be taken on its own or mixed with water or juice. The powder can also be made into a tea.Another popular consumption method is called "toss n' wash" where the person taking the kratom simply spoons a premeasured amount into their mouth. After that, they'd take a gulp of water, swish it around and swallow. Capsules are another popular way to take kratom however not recommended Due to the fact that it is more difficult to measure out your dose and you'd typically need to take more capsules. A capsule is simply filled with the powder and taken as needed. Additionally, no matter how kratom is ingested it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach.


The effects can vary for anyone who takes Kratom. It all depends on the dose and also the strain. Each type of Kratom sold is a different strain. Each strain is categorized by the color of its stem and the effects it has on its user. A fast strain will give you a more physically energized feeling. A moderate strain will give you a sense of calmness but also motivation. Where a slow strain will just make you feel calm and relaxed. The effects of kratom you feel will also depend on how big of a dose you take.Taking 1-5 grams will give you a more positive effect. You'll most likely feel energized and ready to take on the day. If you take any more than 5 grams you may start to feel slower and calmer. Some people have reported to feeling nauseous and dizzy after taking kratom.

Kratom Vendors

  Just like anything else on the internet you can come across a kratom vendor pretty easily. is an online kratom vendor that only sells kratom products.All the products are sold per ounce. They sell kratom in a powder form for $9.99 for an ounce or $119.99 for a pound. Listed in between is a 4-ounce option for $33.99. Another option is to purchase capsules.

They are more convenient but not recommended. They are also a little more expensive and sold per ounce. To buy one ounce it will cost $19.99 and $134.99 for 8 ounces. has a starter pack option that can be great for first-time buyers. A starter pack has a variety of different strains in each packet. You can order a pack with 2-4 different strains and prices can vary from $24.99-$49.99 depending on how many different strains you order. I came across another kratom vendor called

Unlike sells a variety of products not related to kratom. Although they did have a large kratom selection. Some kratom powders were cheaper ranging from $8.75 per one ounce to $59.95 for eight ounces. At the same time, they had kratom powders that cost $19.75 for one ounce to $118.40 for eight ounces. They also have kratom capsules and the cheapest one I was able to find was $14.95 for one ounce and $44.95 for four ounces.

The most expensive capsules I found cost $21.95 for one ounce and $74.95 for four ounces. At there weren't any beginner options like there was at is the last vendor I took a look at. Like they have a starter pack for beginners which is a variety of 3 one ounce packages that cost $35.00. They only sell powders at and they are a little more expensive than the other two vendors mentioned. For one ounce you'll pay $12 for just about all of their products and $46 for four ounces. I noticed that on you have to be 21 to purchase any products/


Doing your research is important when testing out a product like kratom. Finding a trusted vendor is equally as important. The effects can range from a physically energetic feeling to feelings of relaxation and calmness. Some reasons people take kratom is for energy and positive feelings. Others take it to help with back pain and even opiate withdrawals.

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