Let the deaf puppies live! Norway edition


I had an upsetting interaction with a breeder today. Who possibly had a deaf puppy. They didn't want to sell it but instead they were eager to euthanize the pup if it was deaf. Because that's what the NKK (Breeders organization) says. The breeder was unwavering and completely incompetent on deaf dogs and went so far as to say that they are dangerous to children!It is higly disturbing and ignorant with such attitudes and this must be stopped.

After this was written, NKK has stated that they do NOT encourage the euthanasia of deaf puppies. The case has taken a new turn and it is even more important that this is highlighted. There are actually breeders who have misunderstood, who lie and who euthanize puppies because they do not make money on them from breeding. It is cowardly to blame NKK and it is highly irresponsible and unethical what the breeders are doing.

There are no facebook groups for us with deaf dogs in Norway.There is no information or knowledge about deaf dogs for the average norwegian who solely focus on norwegian medias and articles. Ignorance is very much present. 

There is one Swedish and several English facebookgroups. I tried to join a Norwegian Dalmatian group once and bragged about my amazing deaf puppy. I was harassed. So bad that I had to leave the group. Why are Norwegians so ignorant?

A very common practice in Norway is to euthanize deaf puppies. This is reminiscent of puppy mills.They can't breed the deaf and they lose money. They are driven by profit. Also they are sanctioned by this organization if they let a deaf dog live.  

Disabled animals should not be bred ofcourse.  Deaf pups should not be bred because they will have deaf litters. But why should they be killed? They are not sick and they function normally. How do we communicate with deaf people, dogs? Sign language, body language. There's no magic and it's simple. 

Dogs do not depend on hearing for a good life. A deaf dog is perfectly healthy. It seems that this is misunderstood by some breeders. Especially in Norway!

Do you euthanize sick animals? Sometimes you have to. If not, they receive medication and treatment by a vet so that they get well again. Is there medicine for hearing loss?  Functional impairment is not the same as functional disability.

Vets have begun to react to this inhumane practice. Norway is known both at home and abroad for killing animals that Norwegians are afraid of, don't like, or don't have a perfect design. Did you know that Dalmatians were previously euthanized because they were born with a black ear so-called "patch"? Its animal cruelty. 

Abroad, such as the USA, UK, Sweden and Denmark, there is clearly better knowledge of deaf dogs and animal welfare related to this, so that euthanasia is almost unheard of. There are thousands who have a deaf dog in their family. There is even a separate national day in the USA called "Deaf dog awareness day". Actually it's a whole week! 

Once again, Norway is the worst in the class. Norwegians have to start looking to other countries for development and knowledge. This is Neanderthal.

My puppy was supposed to be euthanized. Because she is deaf. She is not sick. She's not dangerous either. Why in heavens name would she be euthanized? Because she can't hear with her ears. When she was born she almost died of suffocation. That`s why she became deaf. She survived. And they wanted to kill her. It`s disturbing.

Dogs have as many senses as humans too. 5 senses. When you lose one, the others are reinforced. Anyone with a deaf dog knows what I`m talking about. 
Fortunately, we managed to rescue her.

I keep hearing the uninformed negative opinions about deaf dogs. What they all have in common is that none of them has any experience with deaf dogs. Never. 

A non profit organization is currently in the works of a new law regarding breeding, but the people have a job to do as well. Protect our precious deafies. 

Soon my deaf will be 9 years old, an absolutely wonderful dog with a completely normal life and with a completely normal temperament. She is involved in everything and is still healthy and well. Extremely easy to train, and social. We have a strong bond and abroad they are called "velcro dogs". Because they are strongly linked to the owner.

Sign and share and this campaign will be sent to the Department of agriculture,  the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, NKK and NOAH.




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