Love Thy Neighbor/ Full Service Gas Station For The Elderly and Disabled

Hello my name is Juliet Johnson Im advocating  a Petition and I would love to have your support for a cause that is dear to my heart.

It would benefit our Elderly and our Disabled Nationwide.

When President Obama was in office he supported the ( No Child Should Be Left Behind Act ) Wonderful but what aboiut our Elderly and Disabled it seem as if they have been left behind and forgotten.

My Petition Love Thy Neighbor would benefit anyone Elderly and Disabled parents,grandparents, siblings, aunt and uncles etc..... regardless of who they are.

I feel that we desperately need a Full Srevice Gas Station for the Elderly and Disabled.

They have made it this far in  their life, so lets take care of them by making it easier and safer for their remaining days.

WHY I Care:  While as a child I was raised to care about the Elderly and Disabled my mom and grandmother use to have us go to the store for the widows in the neighborhood, pick up the trash in their yard and shovel their sidewalks.

Sometime receiving a quarter or a hard piece of cinnamon or butterscoth candy from the widows.

We was raised to help and respect the Elderly and Disabled and anyone in need,

Its in my HEART today.

Funny those are my two favorite candies today.


What Made Me Feel That They Need This : About two years ago I was crossing over the railroad tracks  and as I was crossing this little lady about the age of eighty something was crossing too. 

As we passed each other I looked over at her, I just didnt see her I seen myself in her, and I thought who is going to pump her ( MY ) gas, or clean her windows, what if she slip on ice and break her hip,or leg or arm what if someone snatches her purse.

That bothered me for a very long time and I thought I have to do something, but what who will help me. So Im asking anyone and everyone if you feel that this would benefit any of your love ones please help me to get as many signatures as we can to make this Petition Pass.

My parents are no longer here so please help me take care of your love one.

So please share and spread the word with all of your social media we can pass this together.

I know my mom and grandmother will be Proud of what they taught us several decades ago is still in us today.

 Caring and Helping the Elderly and the Disabled

One minute can make a difference for a Million

 If you believe that your Love one would benefit from this please help get the signatures on this Petition thats needed to pass.


Sincerly: Love Thy Neighbor










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