Make foot and ankle treatments free for senior citizens in Orlando

Beginning at age 45, the human body gives the first glitches, magnetic resonance imaging will show accurate data about this. After the age of 60, one can feel the loss of youth from the body and the first signs of aging appear. Today, a threatening statistic is recorded on a daily basis, where elderly citizens, injure their legs and ankles. The leadership of is asking for support for a petition to allow senior citizens to have their ankles and feet treated for free at any medical facility in the city.
We suggest that Orlando and state leaders reconsider the concept of screening citizens at age 50, and provide them with free screening followed by treatment of their lower extremities. A person's legs lose their elasticity after age 50. If appropriate measures are not taken, leg disease after age 60 will become a problem for 80% of older Americans. Many of the elderly by age 60 do not have the insurance or finances to undergo treatment for their ankle after an injury. After an Magnetic resonance imaginge xamination, it will be possible to determine the cause of why an elderly person's legs have become brittle and prone to frequent fractures.
In addition, we urge authorities to conduct general preventive care for citizens 50 years of age and older, to identify the likelihood of injury. This will reduce the risks of sudden fractures in elderly citizens and ensure that they are examined and treated beforehand.
We propose to reimburse the possible costs of treatment, lower extremity prophylaxis from the federal budget, or from the state budget. This is allowed under the U.S. Health Care Act, which is fully enforceable in Orlando. We urge the authorities to have the courage to support the elderly who often injure their legs and are forced to seek funding or other assistance in undergoing expensive treatment so we will maintain a dignified level of senior citizens of the United States who have paid taxes to the treasury all their lives and have been true partiers of their country. Currently, ankle and lower extremity treatments are provided by relatives of older Americans who are not always willing to help their parents as much as they can because they have young children as dependents.

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