Make Ulladulla High School Safe for our kids!

It seems so many people have a story to tell about injustice for their kids, kids leaving school early out of fear of other kids, childen so crippled with fear they are being home schooled or moved to one of the private schools in Nowra. 

We don't have any other option! Every fight is being filmed and put on social media, the amount of drugs and vaping through the school is so bad and not being reported. Their are no consequences to bad behaviour! 

We are all about making changes! Working out where the crack is in UHS that these kids are falling through and filling it! 

Their needs to be consequences for the kids not following the rules, programs for the repeat offenders who's parents really just don't know what to do. If teachers are turning a blind eye out of fear of their own safety this needs to be addressed.

Our initial aim is to get as many signatures as possible from other concerned parents. And we will proceed from there when we are ready. We will have a meeting with the school and show them just how many parents have issues. We need to be sure that we have all the info. This is not an attack on the school this is about finding solutions! 

We are a small but growing community and we have one school for these 1500+ kids! Who knows if and when that may change. Our kids need to feel safe going to school. NO MORE EXCUSES! 

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