Make VajGraff apologise for defacing the Queens statue in Bristol

Yesterday, 7th january 2016, a "streetartist" calling herself Vajgraff defaced the statue of Queen Victoria in a busy part of Bristol by drawing genitalia onto the lower half of the statue.













She has rather stupidly publicly admitted to carrying out this vandalism but actually seems proud of her actions. She replied offensively to me when I asked her about it on twitter and shows no remorse.







This statue is 200 years old and is near a Cathedral and school and has tourists and children passing by all the time. She obvioulsy is just a Banksy wannabe and is trying to cash in on Bristol's reputation as a centre for grafitti and make herself famous with this cheap stunt. 

I demand that she makes an apology to the people of Bristol and is made to pay the full costs of cleaning it up and any other pieces of her so-called art.