May the trees have a chance?

We understand that the trees in the boulevard are the property of the city.  We also understand that the trees being removed would eliminate several costs for the city.

In the long haul for the future of the city - the present and future citizens that call Colby their home would like you to please consider this request.

Our request is that the street work is completed without the removal of all the trees.

The trees are a great asset for many reasons.  Oxygen for us as people.  Habitats for wildlife.  Shelter from the sun and actually storms.  They draw a lot of moisture out of the subsoil.  Many of the houses on Second street have stone foundations and no drain tiles. The curb appeal of the road.  How the trees shade the guests that come to Colby for the Cheese Day parade. Even the resale values of the houses on Second street.  People cherish trees and are not easily replaced without a lot of time.

Yes, branches/trees can fall on houses and cars. That is NOT normal unless tornados are involved.  Tree roots do not grow under the roads since water does not penetrate the ground because of the road.  The huge tree that is in the front of our house (Brian & Charlotte Haines) has not damaged the sidewalk in a full 30 years.  As well as the dwarf trees we planted before the ordinance was put in place.  We would rather contribute to the cost of trimming/pruning the trees and/or replacing sidewalks than having empty boulevards.  

The gas company is confirming that 6 feet down there are no tree roots under the road.  They are finding roots in the lawns where they are moving the new gas lines to, but have said this is very normal. They work around tree roots all the time.

Once the road work is done.  If a tree does not survive because of all the disturbance to the roots, THEN take that tree down.  Let's give the trees a fair chance to live.

We that have signed this petition are in agreement with this request. 

We humbly come to you to reconsider. 

It is not too late to ask because the trees are still here.

Thank you for your time.  

Better Together - Citizens of Colby  - Present - Past - Future


277692583_529062691906591_7343901214111100442_n1.jpg30 year old sidewalk in front of Brian & Charlotte Haines' house277407935_1181505992662755_4353719241880546857_n1.jpgThe gas company cut 6' hole in front of our house - notice the large tree 
277423214_750641759249008_8067683849676152777_n1.jpgNo tree roots in this 6' deep hole in Second street.



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