Petition to Bring a Motion on Student Government Political Neutrality to the SSMU

Hey guys, 

We need 100 signatures to be able to present this Motion at the SSMU GA because we feel the campus environment has become intolerable for certain students (and student groups).

We would like this motion to prevent the student government (but not student groups and students) from taking political positions on any contentious and divisive issues on campus. 

We need your support to be able to make this campus a safe one for all students and student groups to be able to take part in proactive dialogue. 

The text of the motion is as follows; 

Motion calling on SSMU to take a Neutral Stance on Divisive and Contentious Political Issues

Whereas the preamble of the SSMU constitution affirms a commitment to student well-being in general and to “ act in the best interests of its membership as a whole”;

Whereas the “Leadership” clause further elaborates, disavowing discrimination based on “irrelevant personal characteristics that include but are not limited to…national or ethnic origin”;

Whereas McGill University is internationally recognized for its diverse student body;

Whereas in the Fall 2014 General Assembly, the McGill student body reaffirmed its commitment to coexistence by postponing a politically-divisive motion;

Whereas politicized motions passed on campuses across the world have led to discriminatory incidents among the student bodies[1];

Whereas the Government of Canada has remarked that campuses across the country are becoming increasingly susceptible to racially-motivated aggression stemming from politicized Student Governments[2];

Be it resolved, that SSMU affirms its commitment to political neutrality in the interest of promoting civic life, diversity, and inclusivity for all students as stipulated in the Constitution through a public statement on the SSMU website and listserv;

Be it resolved, that SSMU in general, and SSMU officers and executives in particular, actively promotes dialogue between various student groups on divisive issues without taking a partisan position on said issues.