Mom's and Tod's Parking Dihlabeng Mall

We, the citizens of the town Bethlehem, petition Dihlabeng Mall to put the Mom's and Tods parking under stricter supervision. 


There is no supervision when it comes to the Mom's and Tods parking, we have found numerous times that people without babies or little children park on the dedicated parking spaces for the mothers. The other parking spaces is a major problem when it comes to opening ones door to get the baby out of the car seat. We appreciate the service of having a dedicated parking space, but it can never be used, non parentals or  officers of the law, courier companies, taxis always fills the parking space.

Therefore we demand that stricter supervision be placed at the dedicated parking spaces, we as mothers are willing to tip the carguards more to keep the other cars away from those spots, or Dihlabeng Mall should give fines to the cars that do not have the 'Moms and Tods' stickers in their windows, Dihlabeng Mall management should bring back the wheel clamp and the chains to close off the dedicated parking spaces. 

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