Moroccan ELF do exist!!!


hello!!! this is BishilanD from MOROCCO !!! we shall represent moroccan ELF!!!
we have been fans of super junior since we can't remember!!! so lately we decided to make a video for them!! we have done it about a month ago!!!
all we do all day along is tweeting it to super junior's member!! but we still didn't succeed in showing them how much we do love them!!!
all we want is to show them that we exist!!! we have also send it to Kiss The Radio but still no success!!!
we got really depressed untill we saw that this petition might help us !!!
we are not asking for any miracles all we want is that they become aware of the existence of moroccan ELF!!

this is the link of the video in our youtube channel "BishilanD":

thank you for helping us whoever u arel!!! and please PLEASE HELP!!!