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This is a Petition for a Covid 19 NATURAL IMMUNITY Card that is being constructed For the people By the people of the United States of America. Our petition is based on SCIENCE and the fact that there is a huge populous of people in the US who have previously been in contact with the Covid 19  Virus, (or who had symptoms of the Covid 19 Virus) and they are presently carrying the Covid 19 Antibodies and therefore are NOT a threat to anyone in any public or private atmosphere in regards to transmitting the Covid 19 Virus.  Our Petition has these clauses in it: · The US Government offers a voluntary Covid 19 Antibody Test available for all US citizens immediately.· The People who test Positive for the Antibodies get a NATURAL IMMUNITY Status Card WHICH Trumps all Mask or Vaccine Mandates · The US Citezens who carry this card will not be subyected to any furhter discrimination of any kind by the Government, or by Any and All Employers or Business'. 

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