Most popular petitions in Nigeria in 2019

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To stop collection of fees by men/officers of the NURTW at bus stops, garages and other public places in Lagos State, pursuant to the 'Illegal Collection of Dues in Public Places Prohibition Law,1989'

NURTW ( the Union) is a trade union recognised in Nigeria, with branches in different parts of the states. Over the years, the Union engages some of its members to collect dues/fees from drivers/riders of commercial vehicles at different public locations like bus stops, motor parks etc. It has been discovered that some of these members (collectors) engage in some activities like assults, threats to life, damage to property etc in order to be able to make their collections. Even the collections t

Created: 2019-04-28 Statistics

Please do not adopt the New Taekwondo Dobok in Tokyo 2020

We are world taekwondo practitioners around the world. We don't want the World Taekwondo to adopt the new uniform in Tokyo Olympic games 2020. 

Created: 2019-09-28 Statistics


Hi people of africa we created this petition is for  PUBG to create a AFRICA SERVER as players in Africa  are at a disadvantage because we have to play on other servers and we do not have a good ping rate when playing on other servers which results in other players with a better ping rate having an unfair advantage over players in africa. we as loyal players we spend money on this game and it is fustrating that we dont have our own server we have already tried different method like using a vpn b

Created: 2019-07-16 Statistics


May 25, 2019   An open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari on AfCFTA On behalf of organizations representing businesses, workers, and entrepreneurs from around the country, we congratulate you on your re-election as President and Commander –in- chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria and also retaining your seat as the ECOWAS Chairperson and African Union (AU) first ever anti-corruption champion in Africa.   We  are aware the Federal Executive Council (FEC) in March 2018, approve

Created: 2019-05-24 Statistics