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Free call to IRAN

Hi, I hope this message finds you well. I am an Iranian student in the Netherlands, and as you know, so many Iranian students are studying in the Netherlands.  Last week "Mahsa Amini" was murdered by the Iranian Police only because she did not strictly follow the enforced dress code. Also, While you are reading this message, more people are getting killed on the streets as they are protesting against this unjust killing. We, the Iranian people, are saddened, shocked, and terrified because of thi

Created: 2022-09-25 Statistics

Sinterklaasnominaties moeten terugkomen!

Het is een eeuwenoude traditie op het Vossius: de Sinterklaasnominaties. Ieder jaar hebben veel kinders hier een groot plezier aan. De school heeft besloten dat deze dit jaar echter niet door mogen gaan. Om dit leuke feest de aankomende jaren wel weer door te laten gaan maken wij, Dombondje, deze petitie. De Sinterklaasnominaties moeten terugkomen!

Created: 2022-07-11 Statistics

Stop favoring Lewis Hamilton Fia!!

I would like to start a petition with this, because it has become very clear during the 2021 championship who is always pulled during racing incidents. I understand that Mercedes and Mr Hamilton have a great deal of respect and prestige over the years. But everyone should and should be punished on an equal level in the event of incidents. Now, however, it strikes me very clearly that Hamilton always slips through the cracks. Why always have that advantage over other riders. That is why I am star

Created: 2021-12-06 Statistics

Missy Higgins on the podcast

It's about time Australia's Adele, Missy Higgins, came on Confessions Of The Idiots. For almost four years the podcast has been dealing with all of the worlds weirdest confessions and every day to get us through I recommend popping on a bit of Missy Higgins to get us through. it's what we deserve. 

Created: 2021-12-02 Statistics

Citizens'initiative for the opening of Taza airport in Morocco!!

I declare solidarity and my support for the citizens' initiative to open Sidi Hamou Meftah airport as a commercial airport for both national and international air traffic in the Kingdom of Morocco!!

Created: 2022-03-27 Statistics

PlasticPlaza - Students tackling the plastic problem at FoodPlaza

Microplastics - Macroproblem! 91% of plastic is never recycled or repurposed. All of this unrecycled plastic ends up in our oceans. From there, it goes into our drinking water, the soil that grows our food, and our bodies.  Join us in replacing the plastic with biodegradable alternatives to ensure a healthier and cleaner future!

Created: 2022-03-03 Statistics

OPEN nightlife again

WePartyNow and we will not wait any longer! Are you also done with these crooked measures of the Dutch government? Sign this petition if you and your friends want to see the clubs open again! You are not the only one, for all youngsters the best time of their lifes is taken away by all these restrictions. After this dark period we finally want to party again. Clubbing enables us to what we missed the most, meeting new people! Don't miss out and WePartyNow

Created: 2022-01-05 Statistics

Sport is essential ENG

We ask for the opening of supervised and contactless sport centers and clubs with the implementation of appropriate protocols. On February 13th or at the latest, when contact-based professions can resume activity.   We can improve the physical and mental health of Belgians. This should be the most important thing during the crisis that we are all facing. Indeed, sport is part of the solution. Even more so when it is professionally supervised. Indeed, we support people's health while keeping t

Created: 2021-01-25 Statistics

IKEA: pause your 27 Russian stores during the war! Let's try to make a change where we can!

IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad believed he could change societies where he brings his stores. There should be NO BUSINESS AS USUAL during a time of war in Europe. Your act can have other international retail chains to follow. Spark the conversation.  IKEA has 27 stores in Russia (with e-commerce) - the same number as EU Member States. IKEA symbolically carries the blue and yellow colours just as Ukraine does. Sign this petition to encourage IKEA to lead with a symbolic example!  This petition wi

Created: 2022-02-25 Statistics


Change the model-industry In addition to skin color, the weight of models is still a much-discussed theme in the modeling world. We currently live in an era where everyone should get along no matter what body type you have. We need to start normalizing different sizes and body types. The modeling industry is tough. Being a model is difficult: there is a lot of strife and jealousy among each other, this shouldn't be! It is important for all models in the world that they can be themselves. Everyon

Created: 2022-03-16 Statistics