#No to China Product#all online shopping e com companies to flag manufacturing Cos HO Country name on product displayed

Respected Elders, Dear Friends , Brothers & Sisters,

China feels ashamed if COVID19 is addressed as China Virus. It's like father himslef insisting not to put his name as father in child's parental information ! 

China has all the audocity to put the COVID19 discussion on hold in the world forum & they want to discuss about Article 370 & Kashmir. It's not because of love on Pakistan it's because they want to build road. Removal of 370 has become a show stopper for them. They also mentioned this is not the forum to discuss about COVID 19. Then how did they spoke about the similar issue when a virus outbreak happened in Africa. China always have dual face & double standard.

Friends let's stand together & say no to all China products henceforth. Why should we fund our own deaths & ruin children future. Let country take serious measures on improving R & D , let GOI come with more schems on improving our industries, quality & standard. Let it take another 5 years for us to compete with China. That's ok. But let's not become their slaves at anycost.

Along with this every online shopping portals should flag the country name of the company. That means the country where they have registered HO. They should clearly mention it has CHINA, UK, US or what ever. China should not be mentioned as PRC (People's Republic of China) 

Any product which has more than 10% of components imported from China should be called as China item. No spare parts should be imported to India. Even if it comes China products should attract 500% tax ! GOI might have technical challenge on tax part, but we as customer can decide to quit china products. 

That will help you to make your decision whether to buy it or not. Else every web base e Commerce company will have 100s of idea to cheat you & make you to buy. If this becomes rule, straight away we will not select those products.

The only way to make China pay for its mistakes is taking stand to say no to china products. 

Friends they went to an extent of killing people across globe for a selfish motive. Do you really want to support them. If we continue to do so one day we will become their slaves. Trust me they will have remote control & we may have to dance to their tune.

Support the nation irrespective of which idiology you follow, which religion you follow it doesn't matter. All that matters is we are Humans first & Indians next. That's it nothing beyond it.

If you really feel I have a valid point then pls sign the petition. Let's take it to the competent authority & stress open to make this request as go live rule.

Boycott China products for exporting virus for selfish Moto & killing people & making so many kids orphans, so many parents children less & trying to make profit out of others sorrows

If not for anything, sign the petition for better future of your children

Jai Hind

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