No to the invasion of illegal migrants coming from the USA to Canada.

Canada does not need to negociate a new deal with the USA to say NO to the DONALD TRUMP's Administration who let transit illegal migrants on his own USA-Homeland and let them CROSS ILLEGALLY the USA-CANADA border outside the USA-CANADA Customs.

The Canadian goverment has only to decrey a simple moratorium on HIS OWN ruling of article 159.4(1) a) of his own regulations that cancel his own IMMIGRATION LAW that was sanctionned by the Progressive-Concervative goverment of the Honorable  Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in 1988, that states at his article 100.3(1) e) that it is not possible for a NON-U.S. citizen or a NON-US resident to ask for asylum, a refuge status in Canada if he or she cross the USA-Canada border OUTSIDE the regular PORT of ENTRY of the CANADA-USA Customs.   

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