Objection to Establishment of School at CNR of Redwood and Dale Lace.

At the top of Redwood Street, ERF 738 was sold to new owners who established a learning centre, Educroft.

Subsequently, there has been numerous complaints from the residents of Redwood Street of either being blocked in making it a safety hazard as Redwood Street has only one entrance and exit.

1. Infrastructure on the road and surrounding area. This problem will be exacerbated as the current road cannot handle traffic pressures and illegal parking from Trinity school. The same illegal parking and reckless behaviour occurs at the new school.
2. Inability for the school to manage their current student numbers which has resulted in physical and verbal altercations and has already resulted in a physical altercation between a home owner and student of this establishment who then threatened to return with friends to beat up the home owner.
3. Being a residential area, the noise levels from the school is unacceptable.

Furthermore, students who attend this centre continue to be disruptive either litteringand taunting our dogs.

The current owners have applied to the City of Joburg to expand the establishment to accommodate up to 50 students.Screenshot_2022-05-04-20-13-40-90_99c04817c0de5652397fc8b56c3b3817.jpg

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