This child has been pimped out by her mother and is being forcibly put back in custody to her mother. http://www.lithuaniatribune.com/2012/04/02/rimvydas-valatka-justice-without-pontius-pilate/

""The following is a commentary on the notorious Kedys case, often dubbed the Lithuanian paedophilia scandal. It started in October 2009, when businessman from Kaunas Drąsius Kedys allegedly shot two people, one of them a court judge, claiming they were involved in sexually abusing his daughter, 15min.lt writes on 30 March.

Kedys went into hiding, but was later discovered dead. His former partner and the girl’s mother Stankūnaitė – who, according to Kedys, was also culpable in child abuse – sued for custody. Failing to find any proof of the girl been abused, the court awarded custody to Stankūnaitė. However, Kedys’ sister Venckienė, who was taking care of her niece after his disappearance, refused to hand over the girl. Since then, several hundred people have been crowding outside Venckienė’s house in Garliava, preventing court bailiffs from carrying out the decision. A number of Lithuanian politicians have commented on the case – some endorsing the Kedys-Venckienė side, others critical of it – but none of the key state leaders have yet condemned what amounts to an open defiance of a legal court ruling.


“Court decisions are wrong, all judges work for the paedophile clan. As do all child psychiatrists. This psychiatrist looks just like Lenin and that one is a paedophile, one can tell by his eyes. The police, too. Prosecutor General’s office – all paedophiles. As well as the entire child protection service. They all belong to the clan! Everything’s staged. Everything’s bought. We’re the only ones who support the justice!”

And who could possibly say something against those who fight for justice? No-one. Even the black-belted President does not dare. When you are surrounded by a crowd, there is only one option – you have the right to agree: No justice in Lithuania! Well, we got that already: down with Kūris (Lithuania’s former Constitutional Court chairman) and all the judges. Add to that the entire police staff – except the two from FCIS – and all prosecutors along with the Minister of Justice himself.

Let’s feed them to lions. Blood of sell-out journalists and their editors – for dessert. Have we got justice yet? If we do, what kind of justice? In what ways was it attained, by whose hands? Are we to be ruled by Neringa Venckienė?

No problem, if we are to build justice, let’s do it from scratch and demolish the old world entirely. We’ll build a new one on a pile of debris. One where the police will use Kedys’ methods. Skučienė will run the prosecution. Venckienė will be the ultimate judge. One with Kedys-Venckienė-controlled television. Stancikienė-Puteikis Parliament. Archbishop Varkala and Stoma as his church boy. Directory of Kuolys-Songaila-Ozolas will be pulling the strings from around the corner. From there they will come to judge the living and the dead of the clan. And the gray-haired grandpa will stop telling stories about Martians.

It was the crowd of Jerusalem that sentenced Jesus to death – venomous as the one in Garliava.

Are you mind-blown by what a beacon of justice Lithuania will be? But are you sure you want the Garliava crowd leaders’ version of justice instead of the one we have now? Can’t wait? Give it another thought. Don’t think about general issues. Whether people who only know black and white can judge others. That Lithuania is inhabited by only good-guys, wronged by everyone, and bad-guys, who’ve taken all the fortune away from the former. Such thoughts are too complicated for those who are not used to thinking. Reflect rather on a simpler question – what if, at some point, your own version of justice comes to contradict that of Kedys? Who will get called paedophile – Venckienė or you?

After a month, you might start looking back at the current “evil” justice system like a golden age.

That will not happen to you? People far more virtuous than yourself have and still do experience it. Remind me, who was it that sentenced the son of God to death? Don’t tell me it was the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate.

It was the crowd of Jerusalem that sentenced Jesus to death – venomous as the one in Garliava. In the face of it, Pontius Pilate behaved just as cowardly as our Parliament Speaker Degutienė – who couldn’t come up with anything more sensible than to suggest the mother to give up her child – and the entire state. “And from henceforth Pilate sought to release him. But the Jews cried out, saying: If thou release this man, thou art not Caesar’s friend. Pilate saith to them: Shall I crucify your king? The chief priests answered: We have no king but Caesar. Then therefore he delivered him to them to be crucified.”

What’s the moral behind that? Justice by Pilate may be defective, but justice without Pilate is a complete travesty.



Put a stop to being returned to her birth mother. Allow the child to remain safe where she has been. Back story:


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