Petition against the husband of public figure B.Smith, that is having an self admitted relationship with another woman, while his wife is fighting dementia

Barbara Elaine Smith, also known as, B. Smith is a regal and beautiful black woman. Known for her work as a model, restaurateur, author and tv host. Smith was the second black model to be on the cover of Mademoiselle magazine in 1976, after Joli Jones was in 1976. Barbara smith married her now husband Dan Gasby in 1992.  Barbara Smith became a millionair after years of hard work and was the owner of several restaurants all across the USA.

In june 2014 it was revealed that B. Smith has alzheimers. Her Husband Dan Gasby appeared on several tv shows vowing that he loves and supports his wife, however quickly after her health started detoriating  he decided to openly and freely engage in an self admitted affair with another woman called Alexandra Lerner. He is now parroting this woman on social media, meanwhile his ill wife is showed in the video’s. We women are disgusted by this and vow not to accept his behavior. We protest against this and will not stand by and watch the wealth of a hard working woman flow in to the hands of another woman, that has not worked for  the wealth that we believe she is now preying on.

I feel disgusted, repulsed and absolutely turned off, that someone would have an affair openly with another woman while their wife is fighting dementia. When we take vows in front of god with the words "for better or worse", we do it with conviction. We believe in those words, we make a promise to each other. This also means that we respect each other. Dan Gasby has decided that he will not openly show respect to his wife, and we the people have decided that we will not standby and watch. Please take action and sign the petition so we can personally send this to his organization. If his behavior does not change we are forced to boycott all products from the enterprise.

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