PETITION requesting URGENT assistance with ELGIN BRIDGE

We, the undersigned residents of the greater Kempton Park and other affected suburbs in the City of Ekurhuleni, hereby petition the MMC for Infrastructure, the HOD for Roads and the City Manager, to urgently intervene in upgrading the signage on all incoming roads to the Elgin Bridge (Birchleigh / Glen Marais), to assist in preventing daily occurrences of trucks getting stuck, causing endless loss in EMPD resources, transport company damages, the structural integrity of the bridge and precious time of residents. Furthermore, we request this “LOW BRIDGE” be uploaded to all GPS navigation and traffic systems, to assist truck drivers and all road users. We insist on a solution and feedback from the CoE by end January 2023.

Disclaimer: Your personal information will not be sold, donated or handed over, by any means, to third parties except to be kept by the Councillor for database purposes and given to the Petitions Committee.

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