Petition to the City Manager of Ekurhuleni to hold the Energy Department Germiston Depot accountable for their poor service delivery and actions


We, the residents and businesses of ward 39 and ward 35 Germiston, the LamDel Residents Association, and others not detailed herein, hereby petition the City Manager, Dr Imogen Mashazi, to intervene, take action and hold the Energy Department Germiston Depot management and staff accountable for their lack of adherence to the service level agreements that they are supposed to follow and overall operational ineffeciency.

The Energy Department Germiston Depot is consistently failing in their service delivery, consistently not working within and abiding to the SLA's terms and sadly they are consistently getting away with it. 

It is now time that performance management and relevant action is taken seriously, and that the individuals in the Energy Department Germiston Depot are brought to task for their lack of action and poor performance.

We will no longer be held ransom by unscrupulous individuals that chooses to work as they see fit.

It is time the ongoing power outages, and the Energy Department Germiston Depot's poor performance are addressed as a matter of urgency and in a uncompromising manner and that individuals are held accountable for their lack of performance and their utter disrespect of the SLA's they should adhere to.

In addition, we are furthermore of the opinion that this department is vastly under resourced for the size and need of Germiston as a whole, this critical aspect needs to be addressed as well.

We request a situational report, and also that the performance management process is undertaken immediately, and furthermore that corrective action plans are defined and implemented as a matter of urgency.  

For the community by the community

Jakkie Janse van Vuuren

Chairperson, for the LamDel Residents Association


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