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#EndSARS #StopPoliceBuratality

End Special Anti-Robbery Squad (End SARS) or #EndSARS is a social movement in Nigeria that started on "Nigerian Twitter" opposing the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a unit of the Nigeria Police Force. It is a call to end police oppression and brutality in Nigeria. The campaign started as a social media campaign using the hashtag #ENDSARS to demand for Nigerian government to scrap and end the deployment of Nigeria Police Force Special Anti-Robbery Squad, popularly known as SARS. Nigerians have share

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guys diba dapat 3 lang kailangan isubit araw araw? eh bat un mga binibigay more than 3? WE NEED REST NAMANZ.

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Fellow Gen Z or other people reading this, I know you are tired of Online Class. We can stop it by having Tiktok as our source of education. Just sign this petition to stop Online Class. Thank You for reading.

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Bring Back Live Music

Please support musicians in Hong Kong to perform again. Independent musicians are suffering as bars and clubs still are not allowed to host live music.  Since April 3 this year when the bars were first closed, most of the estimated 1,000 musicians in the city have been out of work. Some lost their jobs earlier, when the coronavirus first swept across four bars in Central, Wanchai and Tsim Sha Tsui, ultimately leaving more than 20 musicians infected with Covid-19, and about 50 others placed under

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Justice for Hathras gang rape victim and her family and to penalize all police officers involved in the cremation of the rape victim

The Hathras gang rape victim's body has been cremated without consent of family or legal instruction BY on duty Police Officials, as if the gang rape didn't inflict enough pain upon the victim's family. The police officers need  to be penalized for this act on the basis of multiple grounds. Sign this petition to stop the systematic oppression by the police in our country. The police is not the LAW. It is time to wake up and step forward. For we shall not obtain change unless we Create it.

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To: Villaflores College Tanjay City, Negros Oriental  I have a concern regarding on this matter. As you can see on the attached picture, there you have the breakdown as follows. In my point of view, is there any possibility to refund or deduct some of the fees? I notice, since then I haven't use some of the fees, such as, the laboratory, library services, dental/medical fee and this computer laboratory. What I mean for this, since I, as a student will no longer be involve going to school for usi

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Online Protest ESAMELCO

1. (PAGPROTESTA) Hingyap hini nga petisyon nga igpasabot ngan igpaabat naton nga mga kunsomidor hit ESAMELCO nga diri kita natagusya hit ira serbisyo.  2. (POWER FLUCTUATIONS) Ini nga online petition in nag-uungara nga unta masolusyunan it power fluctuations nga maiha na nga gin-aantus hit mga estehanon. Dako ini nga perwesiyo hit aton mga gamit de-kuryente ha panimalay ngan pati ha mga lokal nga negosyo. 3. (BROWNOUTS) Hinaot unta nga masolusyunan gihap it mga pag-brownout nga waray anunsyo nga

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Petition to designate Merville Gate 2 as a sticker-only gate and move delivery van entry to Gate 1.

Whereas Merville Park Gate 2 has become the primary ingress of village residents because of 1. the development of C5 as the main access to the village, and, 2. the congestion along the Merville Access Road outside Gate 1 caused by the closure of Pasay Barangay 201. Whereas delivery vans entering Gate 2 are required to stop at the 2 guard outposts as well make a third stop a little further inside to secure their gate passes causing a logjam. We, therefor, would like to petition the Merville Park

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Bring Stranded Australian People Home Or Step Down

We the undersigned request that the Australian Government recognise that Australian people whether within Australia or stranded abroad have equal rights. The Australian Government has failed to protect the Australian people stranded overseas throughout the world and the Australian Government have given stranded people severe anxiety and prolonged mental stress. Some Australian people stranded have been forced to suffer with food shortages due to no financial support. The Australian Government is

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Online Petition Against Motorcycle Barrier

POSITION PAPER ON THE MOTORCYCLE BARRIERIn connection with the implementation of the Joint Task Force Covid requirement to install a motorcycle barrier as a measure to prevent the spread of the Covid19 virus between the riders, the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) hereby submits its position on this measure as approved by the Inter-Agency Task Force and for implementation effective July 26, 2020.Our position is based on the science and engineering of how air interacts with movin

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