Please help Jacob Lancaster so he can go home to his family.He is a 24 yr.old autistic man who has been taken from his family and placed in a group home against his will!

Please help us to bring Jacob Lancaster home! He is a 24 yr.old autistic young man who was taken from his loving home, byba state agency, on a deceitful manner against his will. He was forced into the county car by two men from Agency for Aging ,one of whom had obtained conservatorship without the mothers knowledge.When she found out about his intentions ,she tried to tell the judge that Jacob had parents who cared about him, she was muted on the court speakers and ignored..The judge granted temporary conservatorship without any knowledge of Jacobs background or any investigation as to the mothers abilities to care for him. Only the biased opinion of the man who took him for financial gain. The judge did grant the mother weekly visits with her son, but the man who took him did not comply and has only allowed her 3 one hour visits in the past year.She has tried to reach out and ask to see the group home and was denied.She has requested picnics at the park also denied.She has been kept from her son even though she has never abused him.For his entire life, Eva has dedicated herself to caring for him.He has never been injured under her care.She has provided nutritious meals and has groomed him daily and has given him unconditional love and he was very happy always smiling and interacting with others .They had activities and they enjoyed music and the outdoors going for long walks and road trips..Jacob misses his family and looks very sad and thin..I am concerned about him because he's not speaking anymore..He tries to escape the group home and  it's right by a busy highway.Please sign this petition and maybe someone will help this young man return home where he belongs. Thank you and God bless you!

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