PLEASE HELP SAVE YOUR NO.1 HIPPY SHOP! Help us to show service NSW that they have grossly fail our business when denied the grants for lockdown. Pls Help sign and push with us to receive aid


14 mths ago my girlfriend took a leap of faith and opened her DREAM store on the Leeve Maitland NSW. 
Lakshimi’s Garden is a community based hippy/alternative/mindfulness and wellness store that was built with you…. It’s people… solely in mind where not only can u buy unique alternative/hippy goods, clothes and accessories… but Lakshimi’s Garden is also a place built to support the community in a safe and nutriting place where ALL walks of life are welcome to express and explore themselves and individuality is encouraged, welcomed, accepted and supported no matter who you are. Everyone has a place and a tribe in this world as long as Lakshimi’s still stands. But devastatingly due to Covid and this recent lockdown, that forced the doors closed for a 3/4 mth period… has stolen the Dream and the communities safe place now forcing a permanent closure at the end of this month. 
Through Lakshimi’s Garden I have also witnessed the work in the community (which is Brees true calling and passion) it has aloud her to run or be apart of. For example- mothers without their children sacred Mother’s Day breakfast, an in store wishing well that’s collected and donated to local charities twice a year. Don’t spend Xmas alone luncheon and has also collaborated with Newcastle Fire and flow to help create a sister community Maitland Fire and Flow, which supports and nurtures the creative flow arts. 
Due to a nasty separation which rendered BREE homeless as well during this time she is desperately fighting to do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING she can to save this special place she built for us, but she needs our help to save it from closer on the 18.1.22. So I’m reaching out on her behalf to appeal to you, the community that she has supported, now to give alittle back and please help save this worthy cause as she cannot do it without our help and support. 
After falling through EVERY possible crack in the system during the 3/4 month long lockdown she was denied the financial support require and deserved to keep the business going. And has devastatingly had to watch the dream slowly die. 
So PLEASE help if you can or feel to in ANY way you can or feel to. It would be a tragedy if this closure was to go ahead and I know BREE would be immensely and forever greatful to be given and aloud the opportunity to continue her good work and continue to expand and grow the store. wld be a tragedy if this closer was to go ahead and I hope anyone who can finds it in there heart to donate no matter how big or small. Caz at this point EVERY cent counts and is one step closer to keeping the dream alive. 

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