Please Help Stop The Unsafe Practice of Firing a Weapon from a North Carolina State Owned Road or Highway in Sampson County!

We are asking for signatures of those who are willing to help us take the issue of hunting ie. firing a weapon of any type but especially rifles, from a state owned road/highway onto personal property or other property with or without the land owner's permission, to the North Carolina State Lawmakers; especially Sampson County. Right now, as far as we know from speaking with game wardens and other law enforment officials, it is legal for anyone to fire a weapon from a state road or highway in order to hunt deer or other game regardless of whether homes, other structures or animals are in close proximity. We are hunters ourselves but do not hunt with dogs. We are not against dog hunting, only the act of firing a weapon from a state owned road/highway. There have been many instances of this happening and the weapon being fired toward homes, other buildings, farm animals and pets. This has happened directly in front of our home placing people in danger. This needs to stop! If you are in support of stopping the practice of firing a weapon of any kind from a state road or highway, please sign this petition and we will take this with us to the lawmakers so that all of our voices may be heard.

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