Hey friends!Thank you all so much for supporting our application. My hopes of reaching 68 were quickly exceeded and we made it to 81 in 24hrs. I’ll fill you all in tomorrow after a decision is made.

DA694A7C-B2D4-4DD3-A32E-E8625D775854.jpegTo bring you up to speed;

I have met every legal requirement to date with both the Province of British Columbia and the City of Vernon and my application is headed to a council meeting on Monday March 25 @ 1:30 PM. Application #CRL00007 located at 102, 2500 53rd Ave. 

I’m excited and so proud to get to this meeting, f#%^ that was a lot of paperwork!

Unfortunately as a young woman in business I knew I’d be met with a challenge somewhere along the way. 

Surprise surprise, it’s your typical bully.  I won’t let them bully me. 

Please show your support for my cannabis application by signing this petition. 





Love, Sarah