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We, property taxpayers of the Town of Falmouth, are asking to retract the Rt.100 TIF applicationt that was approved by the Council March 14, 2022, that lacked the Assessors certification and was received by the Maine Department of Community Development (DECD) on May 24, 2022.

This proposed TIF fails to meet State guidelines in many areas.

The application was not filed by the March 1, 2022, deadline set by the DECD. This application is deficient as to the economic benefit to the Town of Falmouth.

The property tax sheltering of 68 new multi-bedroom single family homes, 20 multi-bedroom condos, along with another proposed 6 single family house lots slated for the June 7, 2022 , Planning Board meeting fails the economic benefit question. Residential properties consume far more public services than Commercial properties. Residential properties are a property tax liability not an economic benefit. Of the 45.8 acres listed on the Rt.100 TIF application, 41.07 will be residential. This fails the DECD Title 30-A Chapter 6 ss5523 #3, "Conditions for Approval". This is not a blighted area. This is not an area in need of reabiltation or redevelopment.

Rt.100 in the area of this TIF district received a total road reconstruction that was completed in 2020, that included granite curbs, sidewalks and ornamental lighting. Not a single building in this district has been torn down or rehabilitated. The new residential construction occcured and continues to occur in existing fields and open space.

There is a question on assessed values used in this application. Falmouth is currently finalizing a property revaluation. Falmouth has not had a revaluation in over 14 years, Maine State law requires every 10 years? The submitted application has the Assessors signature "witness whereof  March 14, 2022"? The TIF application values parcel U44-035-00C at $37,000. The Town of Falmouth property tax commitment book, dated 07-30-2021, has this parcel valued at $776,000. This parcel is now known as Clover Way Condos. Clover Lane LLC received final planning board approval 06-02-2020 and  finalized the purchase of this property 08-05-2020 with construction following imediatly.

Due to the tardiness of this application along with the above described deficencies,  we ask the Town Council to retract the Rt.100 TIF application and use these property tax dollars for much needed propery tax relief.

Thank you

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