Providing for drug-free stay at home mothers!

I haley stone believe that all stay at home mothers that would love to stay at home with their children, clean,cook, wash clothes, wash dishes, be a nurse, waitress, accountant , etc. things that everyday people get paid to do, weekly!!, well us mothers do that 24/7 , all in one day and deserve a monthly check just like disability, and ssi checks!!! Regardless, of the father of the children being present or paying child support, that isnt enough!!!! Also, the mothers like me who attend college and have two kids but still would love to provide for her children. I believe this should be passed by the gov. And a signed bill/law of the state of south carolina, and hopefully move to other states!! I believe us mothers should have to pass background check/drug test for this but i believe we should recieve a minium of 1600$ per month! I hope to have over 2,000 signatures via social network or wrotten!!! Come on mothers lets prove our worthiness and come together to sign this petition!!!;)