Put an End To Euthanising Healthy Animals In The UK

Please sign this petition to put an end to euthanising healthy animals. This petition has been put together because of the latest of a long line of stories about healthy dogs/ cats and other animals in the UK being put to sleep. It outraged me as an animal lover. I have a group on fb called Missing,lost & found pets.This group helps animals and owners reunite and there are many people that give their own time to help missing pets and owners find each other. I can't believe nobody wanted this poor dog and given the fact he was only given seven days, is no time if he has strayed away from home.They can roam for miles.It doesn't give the owners long enough to track them down. Having a policy in place that all animals that end up in shelter are microchipped and  putting money into neutering/spaying would be a better option. It would also,put a stop to unwanted puppies/kittens from being taken to the animal shelters.Killing a healthy animal in my opinion is murder, no one has the right to end another humans life, so why should we allow an animal to be treated in this way?

Let's pull together on this , animal lovers, let's see an end to animals dying uneccessarily.

Please sign the petition and put hands to paws and stop this from happening. As far as i'm concerned one animal, is one too many.Let's sign this today and make a difference.These animals need us to change things, so they too can enjoy a happy,healthy life. Not have their life snatched away before their time. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully you will agree with me and sign this petition.


Give them a chance, Please!!