Ask our District 14 legislators to support a $1,325,000 Local Community Program grant request for construction of a new White Salmon Valley Pool.

We, the undersigned, strongly encourage our WA District 14 legislators to support and actively lobby for the $1,325,000 Local Community Program grant request, sponsored by Representative Chris Corry and supported by Representative Gina Mosbrucker and Senator Curtis King, for construction of a new White Salmon Valley Pool.

This new pool will provide many important public and community benefits: from a place for ALL local kids and adults to enjoy summer fun, recreation, socializing, events, exercise and swim lessons, to enhancing the appeal of our area as a place where people want to live, work and play for the next 50+ years, and to the economic benefits of attracting businesses, residents and visitors to our area.

Our Pool Park District has been working tirelessly to replace the old, beloved White Salmon Pool and mend the hole left in the heart of our community since that 80+ year old pool became unusable in 2019. The designs, site, and much of the $5+ million funding for the new pool facility project have been secured; this grant will be key to finally beginning construction of this vital community asset.

Please help us mend the hole in the heart of our community.

Lloyd DeKay, Community Partners Bingen-White Salmon    Contact the author of the petition

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