Redwood Garden HOA Board Member Resignation

   Access Management, which was chosen to manage Redwood Garden’s HOA by a member majority vote of 11-2, has terminated our contract because of undue harassment and the impossible working environment created by our current Board of Directors. The Board is now proposing a member vote to choose new HOA management with only 3 options offered and without further information on candidate’s services or contracts, including some which were previously rejected by members in the afore mentioned vote. When Access Management was contacted by members to see if our situation could be resolved, Access stated they would unequivocally reinstate our contract if the current board were replaced by different HOA members. This information was not shared with members by the current board before calling for a vote to choose new management, although it is unknown if the board sought any resolution with Access and was informed of this proposal.  From this, members have concluded that the current board is not acting on behalf of the HOA or in good faith of member’s majority vote on the choice of management as is required by RCW 64.38.025.

  It has also come to members attention that board meeting time and positions are being utilized to pursue matters in direct conflict of members who previously rejected said matters by majority vote. This also demonstrates that the board is not acting in a manner pursuant to RCW 64.38.025. Furthermore, some of these matters have caused internal disputes within the board, resulting in the removal of a board member without the consideration of a 2/3rd vote of members. These actions have also placed an unreasonable burden on members by the excessive frequency of meetings and amount of attention and time required to be apprised of matters.

  Thirdly, the board has approved a change in budget and a substantial raise in member dues without providing a detailed plan which addresses much needed maintenance and known repairs, specifically those which need completion in a timely manner to prevent further deterioration of property, in accordance withRCW 64.38.045. A finished reserve study has not been submitted to all members in accordance with  RCW 64.38.080.

  Members have concluded that the continuance of current board members would be at significant risk to the benefit of the HOA including the continued alienation of vendors and contractors. We call for a delay in the member vote scheduled for July 26th choosing new management and ask for the resignation of Ryan Bowman as President and Robi Hawley as Treasurer and Secretary. An immediate subsequent special election will be held to fill any vacancies on the board, after which Access Management will act to fill any further vacancy as is lawful and necessary.

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