Reinstatement of Action Week at Ashton School

  • Action Week has been a hallmark tradition in Ashton for years, and has regularly raised large sums of money for various charities. The past few times Action Week was held upwards of €2000 was raised for exceptional causes.
  • However, last year Action Week was cancelled due to schedule interruptions and it seems this year the same is likely to happen again despite little reason to.
  • Considering the positive effects of Action Week both on the school's image and the charities it has raised money for, it does not seem sensible to cancel it over something as small as a few missed days.
  • Therefore, we as Ashton Students are petitioning for the reinstatement of Action Week this year and onwards, if not as a full week then at least the three days it has been in recent years. If you are an Ashton student, please sign this petition and share it with other Ashton Students so we can gather enough support to take the issue to school management.
  • Thank you.

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