Residential Petition - Town of Loomis. Say No to application #21-04 RV Campground on Brace Road

We are against the building of an RV campground on Brace Road.  Here are some of the reasons why.

1) Traffic will be impacted and the heavy trailers (some over 30,000 pounds) will damage the already distressed road and put in danger bikers along Brace Road.

2) If trucks miss the turn off they will be forced to turn around potentially on private roads down the street.

3) There is no freeway access putting the burden of traffic on Brace road which goes through residential neighborhoods.

4)  No thorough traffic impact study has been conducted.

5)  We believe that this project requires CEQA approval.  The residents are unable to adequately access the impact of the RV park without a thorough study.

6) 3.4 acres (2 usable acres) is not sufficient to support 34 trailers, their tow vehicles, and other vehicles (plus horse – for horse trailers).

7) The RV park will attract parties, drinking, load music, and strangers to this quiet residential neighborhood.

8) The location is adjacent to a pre-school and children’s rehabilitation center and many family live nearby with small children.  There is no way to prevent sex offenders from living in the RV park.

9) There is an unknown impact on the Sheriff and crime.

10)  Property values of the homes in the surrounding areas will be negatively impacted.

11) The integrity of the owner, Mr. Taylor, is questionable.  Bait and switch tactics have been used, only one neighbor has been contacted prior to the proposal of the project, etc.

12) This type of business does not match with the other businesses on Brace Road (schools, churches, etc.)  It also doesn't match the local asethetic of the surrounding area.  This project would be better somewhere else in Loomis.

13)  RV park allows check-in all the way to 10pm and diesel trucks are loud and will increasing the noise.

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