Resignation of Senator Mitch McConnell

 House Democrats, along with 10 Republicans in the House, voted to impeach President DonaldJ. Trump. They did this unconstitutionally, as they conducted no investigation whatsoever. This was also done at the behest of Senator Mitch McConnell, who has accused the president of using words that incited nsurrection.

Subsequent investigations have found that the attacks on the capital were premeditated and pre-coordinated. It was also shown that the bad actors were at the capital before the president's speech even ended. Therefore his words could not have incited what happened.

Making matters worse, Senator McConnell has deep family ties to a business that does shipping business with China, making him compromised by the CCP. This may explain his desire to make sure Donald Trump never runs for president again, because President Trump was so hard on China.

Either way, Senator McConnell his betrayed his oath of office, as well as the citizens of Kentucky and the United States of America.

For that reason, I implore you to sign this petition.


Mike Minton


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