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Romanian citizenship titled "honorary citizenship"

  Scientific and cultural personality of Prof. Fawaz Al-Azki is well known in Syria and Romania, and throughout the Arab world and the world... and his love for Romania, and his constant concern, since 1985, to promote its image over abroad through various ways: novels, newspapers, courses and conferences, museum, etc. All are beautifully presented in the book "Prof Dr Eng Fawaz Al-Azki" - Facebook version;, as well as on: http://www.G.C.E.E.Monach

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This morning my four month old puppy was beaten to death just because he left the yard for 15min!We were at all veterinary stations, police, veterinary institute, communal police and they all turned their backs to us. I beg you honestly, please help me to stop this monster!Sign the petition, help us to do something, I've loved this little angel!I truly thank you,- pregnant owner Alexandra Dimitrijević.How it all happened: puppy left the yard with my other two dogs, they broke the gate behind a h

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Requesting European Justice

To the attention of theEuropean CommissionPresident of the Republic of MoldovaParliament of the Republic of Moldova   We, citizens of the Republic of Moldova, hereby support civil initiative of “Moldova's Youth” and express our concern and indignation with the political forces of The Republic of Moldova, unwilling to serve the interests of the electorate in the course of two month after the Moldovan Parliamentary Election results were announced. Currently, we are witnessing a very vicious fight

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Re-MTV Romania and UTV HD UPC program schedule

This petition is for you; those who want your rights - the people who give a monthly amount for a specific service, to be respected.   Myself, I was tired of seeing people at UPC, removed from the channel, fix those not approved by bosses UPC. They pulled out of the station UTV HD version and out of the package UTV HD Optim family remained in HD and Max HD packages and Kiss TV came in Optim HD package. Because all who listen to music on TV and have some favorite posts you want to catch them in U

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HTC Desire 310 update to Android 4.4 KitKat

Dear Google & HTC Directions, We, the owner of the HTC Desire 310 ask you, HTC & Google, to update this phone that has a RAM of 1GB, which is capable of supporting an update to the KitKat. Our request is based on the fact that we can not move applications to the SD card, and the KitKat provides better management of RAM. In addition, we are not satisfied with the camera with the Jelly Bean version as well we want to live this experience with the KitKat release. Waiting for your confirmati

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For an animal police in Flanders(Belgium)

Because now this service doesn't work at all: the official police and the administration for animal protection is not working good, they even LAUGH about the serious suffering of the animals (see photo's), they don't help, or much too late, or ineffectively. So, help us and our animals with your Vote. We thank you very much, for a world with less suffering. :)

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We want to travel with our 8/9 weeks old pedigree-puppies

Since 29/12/2014 every puppy has to be vaccinated on the age of 12 weeks against rabies, and respect a 21 days waiting time before you can travel, import or export our (pedigree) puppies. This means every puppy that is going abroad, has to stay 15 weeks with the breeder!!! This means every puppy that is going abroad, misses the most important part of his socialisation between 8 and 12 weeks of age, the positive socialisation period!!! This means every puppy that is going abroad, will go to his

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دعوت از دادستان مشهد برای بازدید ازپروژه شهر رویایی پدیده

ما تعدادی از سهامداران شرکت پدیده شاندیز از جناب آقای صادقی دادستان محترم مشهد مقدس دعوت می کنیم پیش از هرگونه داوری در خصوص پدیده از پروژه عظیم شهر رویایی پدیده شاندیز بازدید به عمل آورد تا عظمت کار 30 هزار نفر جوان شاغل در این پروژه را از نزدیک دیده و وجود بخشی از سرمایه 120 هزار خانوار ایرانی در پروژه ملموس گردد. معتقدیم هرچند تاثیر این بازدید در دیدگاههای اساسی ایشان درباب سرمایه گذاری اندک خواهد بود اما باعث خواهد شد با دیدن حجم فعالیت انجام شده پدیده با دیگر شرکتهایی که از روی طمع به کلاهب

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Change the Romanian AUTO Dealers PRACTICE

All the car owners are familiar, more or less, with the practices of Importers/Dealerships in Romania. Maybe less, the future owners, who have not yet had the opportunity to be owners of a car, that have not gone through the process of purchasing a car, whether new or used, purchased directly from a car dealership. Therefore, I believe that this petition is addressed primarily to potential customers, but also to those who are already title holders, but will return into dealerships and may purcha

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No music desert in Basel!

>>please scroll down and sign below<<   Petition to the government of Basel-Stadt   On September 1, 2014, musicians who had been living and working in Basel for years were informed that they would have to leave Switzerland. The reason given was a change in policy at the Federal Office for Migration.  This change in policy makes entirely unrealistic demands on professional musicians: all musicians from non-EU countries have to demonstrate that they have 75% employment from a single em

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