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Statement of the Network of University Teachers against banning the Gender Studies Program

In the middle of the summer university break, the Hungarian Rectors' Conference was presented a draft decree from the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Justice.  This proposal called for the abolition of the masters program on Gender Studies. Such curricula are currently offered by the ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences and the Central European University (CEU).  The draft decree allowed students enrolled this year to complete their studies, but terminated this degree for future years

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The UN to intervene on the chaos in zimbabwe

The purpose of this Petition is to request that the United Nations or SADAC intervene into the chaos currently occurring in Zimbabwe. We can all clearly see that human rights are being violated and there are no fair Elections taking place. We want transparency and the figures are not making sense at all. We need individuals or organisations other than the current Zimbabwean government to clear up this mess because they are evidently not taking any form of control to counteract the problems that

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Petition against those who discriminate Hogwarts Houses.

For all potterheads who feel discriminated because they were sorted in  Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, the most discriminated Hogwarts houses. Let's stop the hate that these two houses receive. Together, we can show everyone that all houses, regardless of their role in the book, are important.

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Galin Radkov, known by all lovers of cacti and succulents has now been officially and UNFAIRLY dismissed from his position at the Botanical Garden in Balchik!

Galin Radkov, known by all lovers of cacti and succulents has now been officially and UNFAIRLY dismissed from his position at the Botanical Garden in Balchik! He is currently unemployed and has been denied access to his favourite plants. TO DEFEND GALLIN RADKOV FROM HUMILIATION AT HIS WORKING PLACE !!! I appeal everyone who has moral virtues in himself to sign this petition. Galin Radkov is deaf-mute by birth and he works in the Botanical Garden in Balchik for many years. Thanks to his love for

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Save homeopathy in Romania!

Homeopathy is a complementary method  recognized by WHO, a therapy practiced worldwide for more than 200 years, and whose effectiveness is evidenced by numerous scientific studies (see in the doctor's Adrian Dumitrescu article, About homeopathy research), although there are studies that deny it. In Romania, it is practiced only by specialized physicians in different fields and dentists after graduating from a two-year postgraduate course endorsed by the Ministr

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The teaching of Classical Archaeology and Ancient Culture at the University of Helsinki must continue!

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki has announced that the long-standing lectureship in Classical Archaeology and Ancient Culture will not be filled when its current holder retires this year. Those of us who have signed this petition plead that a new lector should be chosen to fill the position and continue its vital academic mission. The lectureship is crucial to the academic integrity of the university, as the teaching of Graeco-Roman material culture not only support

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Open letter. On the dissolution of the work contract of Prof. univ. dr. Florin Draşovean

The English version is below Romanian one.          

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اعتراض به دستورالمعل ترویج زایمان طبیعی ۱۳۹۷

بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحیماحتراما از آنجا که ابلاغ دستور العمل جدید ترویج زایمان طبیعی نگرانیها و مخالفتهایی را در بین جامعه متخصصین جراحان زنان و زایمان ایران برانگیخته است ضمن نقد بندهایی که اجرایی شدن آنها میتواند آسیب جدی به سلامت مادر و نوزاد و نیز امنیت شغلی و روحی پزشک وارد کند پیش از هرگونه اقدام عملی که عواقب غیرقابل پیش بینی خواهد داشت ایرادات زیر به صورت کتبی تقدیم گردد.ضمنا امضا کنندگان ذیل تقاضای لغو فوری ان را دارند. ١ .حذف پذيرش بيمار توسط ماماي خصوصي در بيمارستان دولتي و خصوصي.به ا

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Opening times change at Sarmizegetusa Regia during the solstices + installation of webcam for remote viewing of astronomical events

Sarmizegetusa Regia is perhaps the most important historical archaeological site in Romania. Listed in the UNESCO heritage sites list, Sarmizegetusa Regia is opened daily from 9:00 during summer and from 10:00 during winter. The site has a well-known archaeoastronomical significance exhibiting a possible sundial pointing North, and two sanctuaries which may be aligned astronomically. In this petition we plan on asking the authorities to change the visiting hours around solstices so that visitors

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نامه به شورای محترم نگبهان در خصوص مستثنی شدن اعضاء هیات علمی و قضات از شمول سقف پاداش بازنشستگی و مالیات پلکاتی

 باسمه‌تعالی حضرت آیت‌الله جنتی دبیر محترم شورای نگهبان قانون اساسی با سلام و ادب    احتراما ما اعضاء هیات علمی علوم پایه (غیر بالینی) وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی، اعتراض خود به مصوبات اخیر مجلس شورای اسلامی در خصوص شمول محدودیت در پاداش بازنشستگی برای اعضاء هیات علمی و قضات (جزء ۳ بند (الف) تبصره (۱۲) لایحه بودجه ۹۷) و همچنین تبصره ۶ لایحه بودجه موضوع ماده ۸۴ در خصوص مالیات پلکانی را اعلام کرده و ضمن سپاس از حمایت همیشگی شورای نگهبان از جامعه‌ی علمی کشور، از اعضاء محترم شورا درخواست داریم

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