Most popular petitions in Romania in 2015

  • Country: Romania
  • Language: English
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Requesting European Justice

To the attention of theEuropean CommissionPresident of the Republic of MoldovaParliament of the Republic of Moldova   We, citizens of the Republic of Moldova, hereby support civil initiative of “Moldova's Youth” and express our concern and indignation with the political forces of The Republic of Moldova, unwilling to serve the interests of the electorate in the course of two month after the Moldovan Parliamentary Election results were announced. Currently, we are witnessing a very vicious fight

Created: 2015-01-29 Statistics

International Petition for PEACE - MESSAGE to good US People

We, independent citizens, initiators and authors of the international petition from the  European Christian Countries - Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, encourage all citizens of good will all the European countries to support this petition by your signature: No war!We Europeans do really want Peace and Harmony for Europe and the World.We demand the immediate resignation of politicians and punishing criminals who brought Europe and the World on the Edge of III. World War, which threatens th

Created: 2015-09-08 Statistics

Tiltakozás a képzéseink megszüntetése ellen

Címzettek: Dr. Palkovics László felsőoktatásért felelős államtitkár   Dr. Maruzsa Zoltán felsőoktatásért felelős helyettes államtitkár EMMI Magyar Rektori Konferencia   Tiltakozás a magyar filmes képzések és a szegedi vizuális kultúratudomány mesterszak megszüntetése ellen! Tiltakozunk a filmes képzések és a szegedi vizuális kultúratudomány mesterképzés tervezett megszüntetése ellen. A filmes szakirányok és az országban egyedülálló vizuális kultúratudomány mesterszak olyan szakemberek kinevelésé

Created: 2015-04-25 Statistics

Reset the s3eed and Nerso accounts to before their destruction

This petition is signed by community members in GoodGames Four Kingdoms Int2 server and others. All who sign here are actively showing their disgust to the account jacking that happens periodically in Four Kingdoms history and more recently the destruction by the way of unauthorised selling of equiptment and surrendering of outposts in accounts S3eed and Nerso. Also to show support in petitioning the administration of FourKingdoms to: Reset accounts Nerso and S3eed to the point before they were

Created: 2015-09-29 Statistics

Update HTC One Mini and the Mini 2 to Android Lollipop!

Hey there guys,My name is DarkExistence as you can tell :PI have made a petition to update the HTC One Mini 2 to Android Lollipop.I did this because I felt it was unfair for us users to buy a phone and for support to be dropped for it when it has just been out for a year.I also feel HTC are doing this because they want us to buy a different phone in an effort for them too make more money as their company profits are falling.I have asked HTC multiple times on twitter and email about why they cant

Created: 2015-05-16 Statistics

Romanian citizenship titled "honorary citizenship"

  Scientific and cultural personality of Prof. Fawaz Al-Azki is well known in Syria and Romania, and throughout the Arab world and the world... and his love for Romania, and his constant concern, since 1985, to promote its image over abroad through various ways: novels, newspapers, courses and conferences, museum, etc. All are beautifully presented in the book "Prof Dr Eng Fawaz Al-Azki" - Facebook version;, as well as on: http://www.G.C.E.E.Monach

Created: 2015-03-10 Statistics


EUROPEAN WRITERS' OPEN LETTER TO THE EU AUTHORITIES (October, 22nd 2015)    Copyright spells authors' rights       Let us speak plainly: we writers do not understand the EU’s insistence on “reforming” copyright/authors’ rights in Europe.   The European Commission has chosen the wrong target in attacking authors’ rights in order to encourage the emergence of a “Digital Single Market”, when it is precisely authors’ rights that are the essential condition for creating works of literature. Undermin

Created: 2015-10-26 Statistics

iranian radiologists

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم   ارتقای سلامت جامعه و حفظ جان بیماران رسالت سنگین هر پزشک است و در این راستا نقش متولیان سلامت کشور در وزارت بهداشت به عنوان مرجع تربیت نیروی متخصص و سیاست گذاری کلان بهداشتی درمانی امری حیاتی است. رشد و توسعه کشور در جهت دسترسی بیشتر مردم شریف به خدمات پزشکی آرزوی هر ایرانی و بویژه هر پزشک است, اما "کیفیت" خدماتی که ارائه می شود امری مهمتر است و این مهم نباید فدای "کمیت" شود. اگرچه با رعایت جانب انصاف باید اذعان نمود که هنوز کشور عزیزمان به لحاظ شاخص تعداد پزشک به ج

Created: 2015-07-31 Statistics

Stop the killing of straycats in the city of Bruges, Belgium!

Straycats are being killed because of ‘huntinglaws’ in the shelter of Bruges. Non profit organisation Kat zoekt thuis (‘Cat looking for a home’) has been neutering starycats for years in Bruges, at their own expense. Normally, this is at the responsibility and costs of the city counsel. In the past, we have had numerous contacts with the city counsel to improve the straycat-policy. Now, sadly, the city of Bruges is placing huntinglaws above animal welfare. Feral straycats are not neutered and r

Created: 2015-03-26 Statistics

جامعه متخصصین و دستیاران رادیولوژی کشور

به نام خدا   بیانیه 1: نامه جامعه متخصصین و دستیاران رادیولوژی کشور به معاونت محترم درمان  معاونت محترم درمان وزارت بهداشت, جناب آقای دکتر حاجی آقاجانی با سلام و احترام ما رادیولوژیستهای کشور با امضای این نامه الکترونیک ضمن اعلام مراتب اعتراض شدید خود به نامه شماره 400/23548د آن معاونت محترم مبنی بر مجاز بودن دریافت وجه سونوگرافی توسط پریناتولوژیستها, به دلايل زير مصرانه خواستار لغو فوری اين بخشنامه هستیم: ١-در صدور اين بخشنامه روال قانوني طي نشده و متوليان علمي اين رشته (هيات بورد و انجمن راديو

Created: 2015-12-20 Statistics