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Please give a legit explanation why team Thailand lost two points and does not allow substitutions s

Another one petition website, pls sign it too! On behalf of Thailand Volleyball fan,We just watched volleyball game between Thailand-Japan. That's very fantastic match during game I appreciate their agility & willful that made it's a good match until come along to final set(5sets). THE REFEREE gave 2 yellows cards while ......1. Thailand lead 12-6 , Thai's coach tried to put the button for substitution his p

Created: 2016-05-18 Statistics

Grimm S6 should not be the last

I belive that Grimm season six should not be the last season of the amazing show. I always watch Grimm each night it is on and in my spare time I watch it too and would love it to have more seasons and if you belive it should too please sign this petition. 

Created: 2016-08-30 Statistics

نامه متعهدین ضریب کا دندانپزشکی به معاونت آموزشی وزارت بهداشت

بسمه تعالی     معاونت محترم آموزشی وزارت بهداشت درمان و آموزش پزشکی جناب آقای دکتر باقر لاریجانی سلام علیکم ضمن قدردانی از زحمات و عنایات جنابعالی در رسیدگی به مطالبات متعهدین ضریب کای دندانپزشکی و رد مواضع خصمانه دبيرخانه دندانپزشكي در حل و فصل مشكلات اعضاي هيات علمي كشور اعلام میداریم كه پاره ای اصلاحات در مورد ابلاغیه آخر دبیرخانه دندانپزشکی مورد نیاز است که اگر جناب آقاى دكتر سعید عسگرى به جای بیرون کردن گروه نمایندگان از دایره کارشناسی و تنظیم مفاد ابلاغیه،  از ایشان که نماینده ذی نفعان هست

Created: 2016-05-03 Statistics

Protest - Administration of LoL18+ Only to Anarchism

Hello members of the group, first of all I'm goin to take a short brief of what happened: As a member of a big group(30k members) of League of Legends, on Facebook. I decided to make a post in which i was saying that i am in the search of a girlfriend. She was meant to live with me but to play this game with me too, i mentioned that. The adminstrators of the group didn't care about my point, which wasn't obstructing any of the rules and therefore they erased my post. I was very mad because of th

Created: 2016-07-30 Statistics

Iranian_campaign کمپین اعتراض به تشکیل فراکسیون مناطق ترک نشین

به نام خدا   جناب آقای دکتر حسن روحانی رئیس جمهور محترم جمهوری اسلامی ایران با سلام و عرض ادبما ملت ایران از هر قشری (هنرمندان، ایثارگران، اصحاب رسانه، فرهنگیان، دانشگاهیان، ورزشکاران و ...)، و از هر قومی با هر زبانی، بدینوسیله اعتراض خود را به تشکیل فراکسیون مناطق تُرک نشین اعلام می کنیم طبق فرمایشات مقام معظم رهبری پیرامون مسئله نفوذ در کشورمان،که منشا آن به کشورهای حاشیه خلیج فارس،کشورهای غربی و رژیم صهیونیستی و به ویژه ترکیه برمی گردد،این فراکسیون شیطانی نیز حاصل اتاق فکر این کشورها می باشد.

Created: 2016-11-07 Statistics

تشکر و قدردانی متعهدین ضریب کا دندانپزشکی ازوزارت بهداشت

سپاس مَر خداي رابه روحِ خود دمیدنشبه انتهايِ مهرهابه لطف، آفریدنشسپاس بر حضورهابه جلوه گاهِ نورهابه تخت گاهِ عاشقیبه عرصۀ سرورها وزیر محترم بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی جناب آقای دکتر هاشمی معاونت محترم آموزشی وزارت بهداشت جناب آقای دکتر لاریجانی مدیر کل محترم دفتر امور وزارتی جناب آقای دکتر کشاورز قائم مقام محترم معاونت آموزشی جناب آقای دکتر اکبری رئیس محترم مرکز امور هیات علمی جناب آقای دکتر حسینیهمراهی و پشتیبانی شما بزرگان عرصه آموزش و سلامت کشور سبب گشت که پایداری متعهدین ضریب کای دندانپزشکی

Created: 2016-09-12 Statistics

Eritrea፡We believe the Pfdj regime is a threat to Eritrea and to the horn Africa region

We Eritreans after independence have thought that things would go well and Eritrea would march along the bright paths of development,construction, achievements,liberity,social justice and examplery administration .Unfortunately PFDJ centralized all decision making,jurisdiction, and took all power away from the hands of the people.Our country eventhough blessed with natural resources ,a hardworking people and a strategic position suitable for conducting business and tourism activities,it is not e

Created: 2016-06-22 Statistics

We are with you Forgiven!

Dear League of legends players and fans! We stand together in a form of this petition to help out one of the bets ADC players in Europe, and a team member of H2K Gaming!His name is Konstantinos Tzortziou aka Forgiven!  We respectfully ask for him to be excused of his military service.He is a professional player that makes a living from playing! His absence will cost him the next split, playoffs, and the worlds, and even maybe his job, as we know how a long absence may coast you a main rooster po

Created: 2016-02-25 Statistics


THE ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF CARDIOLOGY THE ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF PNEUMOLOGY THE ROMANIAN HEART FOUNDATION   November 3rd, 2015       Call to the attention of                                                              MR. KLAUS IOHANNIS, PRESIDENT OF ROMANIA,                                                                        THE GOVERNMENT OF ROMANIA,                                                                          THE PARLIAMENT OF ROMANIA,     In the context of the tragic events occu

Created: 2015-11-03 Statistics

1E+ pentru voluntariat internațional în România

For English, see below!Dacă reprezinți o organizație, te rugăm să completezi formularul GoogleForm disponibil AICI. Avem nevoie de susținerea ta până joi, 10 decembrie 2015.  If you represent an organization, please fill in the GoogleForm available HERE. We need your support until Thursday, December 10th 2015!   (RO) POZIȚIE NAȚIONALĂ PENTRU NIVELUL SUMELOR ALOCATE PENTRU SUPORT INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTARILOR CARE EFECTEAZĂ STAGII PENTRU SERVICIUL EUROPEAN DE VOLUNTARIAT ÎN ROMÂNIA În atenția Comisiei

Created: 2015-12-04 Statistics