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Against giving name of one street in Kragujevac after Draža Mihajlović

We express oposition to honoring Dragoljub Draza Mihajlovic by naming on of the streets after him. We demand annuling this decision. Antifascists of Kragujevac

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Give me back my child

      Dear Citizens, Dear friends I am a father of a sweet girl that was taken by the Centre for Social Welfare Branch of Zemun and on 31.12.2013 was soon will mark a year since she did not sanama .... Year is approaching and we were not allowed to see it .... the Centre for social Welfare us brutally took the child and placed himself above the law and the court, they were kidnapped child that date and filed a lawsuit 02.05.2014 and since then the battle is for the child before the First Instanc

542 Created: 2014-12-22 Statistics

Vratimo lice niškoj Tvrđavi

Peticija za izmeštanje neprimerenih sadržaja lociranih po obodu Tvrđavskih zidina, objekta od najvećeg kulturnog značaja u ovom podneblju. Kada neki stranac stigne u naš grad, prođe najprljaviji i najružniji deo grada koji se ni u jednoj drugoj zemlji ne bi lepio uz zidine najvažnijeg spomenika kulture! Tvrđava je mogla da bude osmišljena kao jedinstvena turistička atrakcija, kao jedini muzej na otvorenom, ali dovoljno je da je vidimo celu i napravimo parkove oko nje. Tada će njena lepota doći d

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Turning the house of Mileva Marich into a museum

Greetings, We are a group of Serbian 8th graders from the elementary school "Vuk Karadžić" in Novi Sad, who have made a Facebook page and started a petition in order to gather the needed support to turn the house of the neglected genius, Mileva Maric, from a current ruin into a worthy museum to memory and honor our great, but unfortunately almost forgotten scientist. Our page is in Serbian so it might be difficult for you to find out more about the first wife of Albert Einstein from us, but we w

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Replacement Svetlana Pavlović - chief zoo-hygiene in Pozega

Help us with your signatures to dismiss Svetlana Pavlović from the chief place of the zoo-hygiene in Pozega. The last couple of years there were much news about bad conditions in the asylum and staff's bad behavior with animals. For all the horrors that in the shelter is guilty Svetlana Pavlović because she allows and orders cruel things. In the shelter large and small dogs are all together, injured and sick, capturing them in an inhumane manner and then kill direct injection of poison into the

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Petition for SAFE BIRTHPLACES based on patent professor Lalovic Komlen, Ph.D.

I totaly support efforts university Professor Komlen Lalović, Ph.D. in IT/ Biometrics to apply his patent based on fingerprint to protect babies and parents in birthplaces. It will prevent any possible baby replacement or identity steal in birthplaces. We all need qualitative leap and better service in public health. Therefore we give support to this project and professor Lalovic. 💖

375 Created: 2021-04-10 Statistics

Healthy Women, Healthy Society!

The female body and its reproductive health are not an intimate, nor a female thing, but a "strategic, national thing." For more than a year now, the female body and the right to it in Serbia do not cease to be a battlefield for different debates and manipulations, and there is no concrete solution.We testify to various battles that the state does not successfully fight for natality. If we really want to fight natality in Serbia, for which the state itself points out that it is a priority for th

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Vegans against participation and subsidies for milk and meat production

Vegans against participation and subsidies for milk and meat production Based on the Constitutional Act on the Rights and freedom of National Minorities, Article 21: Prohibition of Discrimination, Article 23: Dignity And Free Development Of Personality, Article 25.: Inviolability of Physical and Mental Integrity, Article 43: Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, Article 45: Conscientious objection, Article 46: Freedom of opinion and expression, Article 48: Promoting respect of Differences

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Appeal for the adoption of a moratorium on the construction of small hydro power plants in Serbia

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Pozivamo ljude van Novog Sada da ovim putem podrze Peticiju koju je pokrenulo Udruzenje za zastitu zivotinja Novi Sad: *Da se sadašnje prihvatilište odmah zatvori, jer ne zadovoljava osnovne uslove; *Da se utvrdi odgovornost nadležnih ako se prihvatilište u izgradnji ne otvori u zakonskom roku i da se ostvari saradnja prihvatilišta i udruženja, kako bi rad prihvatilišta bio transparentan; *Da se neefikasne i parcijalne mere rešavanja problema napuštenih pasa zamene; *Da se Zakon o dobrobiti ži

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