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Za trajno, humano resavanje problema napustenih zivotinja u gradu

  Peticija zabrinutih gradjana i gradjanki za trajno i humano resavanje problema napustenih  zivotinja u gradu     Predlog : da se za posao u pirotskom Azilu za napustene zivotinje honorarno angazuje Nensila Radojkovic , kao jedina osoba koja ima kvalifikacije za taj posao. Pored strucnosti, Nensila je i osvedoceni humanista i ljubitelj zivotinja, svima dobro poznat u ovom gradu. Svojim nesebicnim pozrtvovanjem i volonterskim radom u protekle 2 godine, postavila je temelje za drugaciji, civilizo

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We are with you Forgiven!

Dear League of legends players and fans! We stand together in a form of this petition to help out one of the bets ADC players in Europe, and a team member of H2K Gaming!His name is Konstantinos Tzortziou aka Forgiven!  We respectfully ask for him to be excused of his military service.He is a professional player that makes a living from playing! His absence will cost him the next split, playoffs, and the worlds, and even maybe his job, as we know how a long absence may coast you a main rooster po

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I NEED YOUR SUPPORT REGARDING PROBLEMS WITH ADOPTION FROM SHELTER POKUPSKO CERJE there is a lots of text – report to City and Veterinary Administration, so if it is easier for you I will send you an email...please send your emails to inbox. As you all know, my main goal is not to force concessionaire in losing his concession, my main goal here is to allow anyone to adopt a dog from that shelter. I want people to be able to come into the shelter Pokupsko Cerje and adopt a dog/dogs they want. Now

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Passengers right to have Public Railway Traffic

The right to petition is a constitutionally guaranteed human right defined in Article 56 of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia Dear passengers, workers, pupils and students, we invite you to join us with your signature petitions: RIGHT TO RAILWAY Roads The new annual timetable that came into force on 11/ 12./2016 for many workers, pupils and students, who mostly use the services of passenger transport by rail, is disabled to use. Our civil right to regular transport by rail become violat

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Tijana Juric

That's enough crime without or with symbolic sanctions. We are witnessing the murder of a young Tijana Juric, and we believe that the "people" who were abducted and murdered, the only worthy and fair the death penalty!

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Za ponovno ispitivanje Dragana Paravinje o slučaju Antonije Bilic

7.06.2011. nestala je Antonia Bilić (17) kod Drnisa . Viđena je kako stopira na Čikolskom mostu, ulazi u kamion. Od tada je nema. Indicije od početka upućuju na vozača kamiona, te nakon nekog vremena dolazi se do imena Dragan Paravinja koji je odgovoran za nekoliko silovanja u prošlosti.Vlasi kose i dvije kapi krvi na molekularnoj razini iz kamiona su analizom potvrđene da pripadaju Antoniji Bilić, te dokazuju da je  bila u spornom kamionu, kao sto se i Paravinjin i Antoniin signal mobitela prek

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Save our 85 dogs and 20 puppies in Serbia!

Dear animal friends and Animal welfare activists!Unfortunately, this time we have no good news for you. Very sad news reached us from Serbia. The communal politicians of the municipality of Bac (Serbia) have decided to vacate our shelter or kill the rescued dogs!All documents that we have submitted (which were requested by the community), have "disappeared". We thought that if we do everything the legislator requires from us, we should be safe. We were proud of our performance and the home we bu

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Public petition to take interest in the prosecution of mass poisoning of dogs cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Article 318 Torturing and killing an animal (1) Whoever abuses or exposes an animal unnecessarily or to prolonged pain, or inflicts unnecessary pain on it, or unlawfully destroys animal habitat to a greater or great extent, or unlawfully kills animals, shall be punished by a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months. . (2) Whoever commits the criminal offense referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article for the purpose of betting or other acquisition of material gain, or if the c

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Peticija srpskih naučnika / A Petition of Serbian scientists

Peticija srpskih naučnika (English follows the Serbian) Mi, dole potpisani naučnici, nastavnici i ostali građani, ZAHTEVAMO od Ministarstva prosvete, nauke i tehnološkog razvoja (MPNTR) Republike Srbije da, u skladu sa: 1.    Strategijom naučnog i tehnološkog razvoja Republike Srbije za period od 2010. do 2015. godine („Službeni glasnik RS”, br. 13/10), 2.    Programom osnovnih istraživanja, Programom istraživanja u oblasti tehnološkog razvoja, Programom sufinansiranja integralnih i interdiscipl

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Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the National Accreditation Body MB (Managing board), Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš We, heresigned citizens and the parents of prospective students of the Department of German Language and Literature appeal to the aforementioned authorities to take into consideration the previously submitted Request for the Accreditation of the Department of German Language and Literature by the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš. The Faculty of

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