Santa Clara Citizens in Support of Brian Doyle

Friendly, pro-49er Santa Clara councilmembers: Anthony Becker, Suds Jain, Kevin Park, and Raj Chahal have all called for a special city council meeting this Wednesday (Sept 1). 

Their agenda involves voting and removing Santa Clara city attorney Brian Doyle from his job. The 49ers have already expressed dislike and their want for Doyle to be gone so the lawsuits the city has against them will go away. Doyle has done nothing but support the city's best interests, and fought against the 49ers lies and deceits. The 49ers owe the city money and Doyle has been fighting for the city for this money. 

These council members were bought by the 49ers during the last election in hopes that something like this would happen. And here we are now!

Sud's Jain is even ON RECORD where he publically said that the 49ers want to see Doyle gone and that he (Jain) as well would like to see Doyle gone.

While not everyone might agree with how Doyle has done his job, it can be agreed that he has done nothing that should lead him to lose his job. Terminating him is going to cause the city millions of dollars, of tax payer's money, to pay for a wrongful termination lawsuit that Dolye will undoubtedly bring against the city. 

This petition is designed to help show Anthony Becker, Suds Jain, Kevin Park, and Raj Chahal that we, the citizens of Santa Clara, do not want Dolye to be termined and that we do not want to be dragged into another tedious million dollar lawsuit that we will have to pay for!

Even though the odds of these council memebers voting to terminate Doyle is very high and the odds of them listening to this petition are very low (they have a very clear pattern of ingorning their consistuents thoughts) this petition will serve as yet another reason to not re-elect them come 2024. Let your council members know your thoughts! They are supposed to work for us, NOT for the 49ers. 


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