Save the ‘Party’ option on Facebook

We the undersigned do not want to lose the 'Watch Party' option on Facebook for the following reasons:

It enables us to watch the chosen screening as part of a group but from the comfort of our own homes. So you don't feel you are watching alone even though you may well be physically alone. 

We have the option to discuss the material being watched in the chat in real time with other audience members. You don't get that experience at a cinema as you cannot talk through a showing. 

We get to learn from each individuals knowledge of the subject matter which can be very informative, interesting & hilarious when people have a little joke too. Laughter is a tonic. Healthy debate is also an addition. 

We know for a fact after discussions in 'Watch Parties' that the 'Watch Parties' have helped so many people stay more positive during these current challenging times. It is said regularly that people look forward to them & it's helped them personally immensely. 

The material that is shown is of a wide spectrum. Showings can include historical/educational short films, animations, a variety of music & various films of many types. The material opens minds to discuss topics that might not have been discussed with people from such a wide variety of backgrounds & age groups. 

Facebook 'Watch Parties' are a service that have been enjoyed so much by us all & have enriched each of our lives in many different ways.

To see them go would be such a great loss to the communities that gather to watch them. They are very much needed & loved by so many. They give a sense of community, inclusion & allow you to be your true self. 
We all wish to 'Thank You' for having this function available to us & hope that you will allow them to carry on now you know from us all just how much they mean to so so many people from around the world. All our best to you. 




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