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Låt Benjamin blasta sin musik på lektionstid.

Låt Benja blasta sin musik på raster och under lektioner!

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Stop Donkey Abuse in Hydra & Santorini, Greece

Donkeys and mules seem to be the only trustworthy transportation tools at Hydra island, Greece.In Hydra island, Greece mules are the heavy loaders that they use to transport goods such as luggage, plants, white goods such as washing machines, furniture, shopping and building material. The mules and horses that are available to ride or to transport luggage are found in the East corner of the harbour and they are rented for 20€ per ride. The people in those islands still in 2020 tend to believe th

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The City of Oulu must abandon the project of building a new campus into its center

The University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finnish Environment Institute and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., as well as more than 200 companies in Linnanmaa area, together form one of Europe's largest science and innovation campuses. They occupy 300,000 square meters of space, have 20,000 students and 12,000 employees. In its meeting on 28 April 2020, the Board of Directors of the University of Oulu made a decision to start p

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We demand a transparent process for LFSL's future location

Vi kräver en helt transparent process om LFSLs framtida lokalisering Efter styrelseordförande Henrik Hanssons mejl i samband med hans avgång känner vi föräldrar en stark oro över hur styrelsen hanterar frågor som kommer att påverka oss och våra barn under lång tid framöver. Därför kräver vi: -En helt transparent process om skolans framtida lokalisering, där vi föräldrar får full inblick i vilka alternativ som är möjliga, hur de har utvärderats, och hur beslut ska tas. -Att beslut i lokaliserings

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Stop the closure of Trelleborg - Sassnitz Route.

The closure of the Sassnitz - Trelleborg ferry line is evidence of shortcomings in the economy and transport policy in recent years. The importance of tourism and economy on the island of Rügen and the district of Vorpommern-Rügen is enormous. The fact that the ferry connection was no longer lucrative for the shipping company Stena Line as an economic development and from this point of view the line's task is understandable. But the political failures mentioned are not understandable. On the on

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To UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, The people of Great Britain and the wider world urge you to forge an alliance between the Anglosphere countries - the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - with the intent to hold China accountable for their multiple crimes against people and animals. It has become clear that China's actions pose a very real threat to civilisation and democracy. It is essential that the Anglosphere unites to make it clear to China that their behaviour is unacceptable. 

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Förläng inte väntetiden på asylansökan till 10 år!

"I augusti ska det finnas ett färdigt förslag till hur Sveriges framtida migrationspolitik ska se ut. En av de åtgärder som nu övervägs är att personer som har fått ett definitivt nej på sin asylansökan ska få vänta tio år innan han eller hon kan lämna in en ny. Sverigedemokraterna vill gå längre, men tycker att det här är ett steg i rätt riktning." Så skriver Sveriges Radio den 5e maj. Enligt Sveriges Radio är SD, Moderaterna, Socialdemokraterna, Liberalerna och Kristdemokraterna positiva till

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Public petition to take interest in the prosecution of mass poisoning of dogs cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Article 318 Torturing and killing an animal (1) Whoever abuses or exposes an animal unnecessarily or to prolonged pain, or inflicts unnecessary pain on it, or unlawfully destroys animal habitat to a greater or great extent, or unlawfully kills animals, shall be punished by a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months. . (2) Whoever commits the criminal offense referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article for the purpose of betting or other acquisition of material gain, or if the c

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Say NO! to radioactive waste near Una River in Croatia, tributary of Sava and Danube Rivers

Civil initiative to support the People of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in their efforts to stop the deposition of radioactive and other toxic wast near Una river - Danube's distant trbutary. Una River is tracing the international border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, further draining into the Sava River. The Sava River is tracing an international border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, further between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia to further drain into the Danub

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Glöm inte bort att ge ekonomiskt stöd till tjej- och kvinnojourer!

Soroptimist Sverigeklubben uppmanar Sveriges regering, regioner (f d landsting) och lokalpolitiker att aktivt fortsätta att stödja och öka stödet för våldsutsatta barn och kvinnor. Att ekonomiskt stöd ges till tjej- och kvinnojourer. Ett av fokusområden för Sverigeklubben (digitala klubben) inom Soroptimist International of Sweden är att uppmärksamma våldet mot flickor och kvinnor. Vi är också en del av FN:s kampanj "Orange the World" där vi den 25:e varje månad lyfter frågan "Stop violence agai

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We want to KEEP the trans rights in Hungary!

We want to claim the transgender rights in Hungary! The government wants everybody in Hungary to be identified as the gender he/she was born with! We are humans too, this would make our lives extinguish! Please sign this petition to help hundreds of people with one click!

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Ojamo mine opening for all divers

English version below! Hyvät Lohjan kaupungin edustajat, Tämän vetoomuksen allekirjoittajat edustavat ryhmää suomalaisia ja kansainvälisiä sukeltajia, jotka ovat kiinnostuneita sukeltamisesta Lohjan Ojamon kaivoslammella ja haluavat Ojamon Tekniikkasukeltajat ry:lle oikeuden järjestää siellä sukellustapahtumia.                                                                                   Yhdistyksen tavoite on tarjota oikeudenmukaisesti ja avoimesti kaikille sukeltajille mahdollisuus sukelta

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Make China pay for the Corona outbreak

This protest will be displayed in 5 languages Find us on Facebook Make China pay for the corona outbreak. 1 Svenska Hej alla världen över!Vi har nu en pandemi som har spridit sig till jordens alla hörn och lämnar ingen oberörd och allt började i Kina och sprider sig i rekordfart.Kina har i deras politikiska sätt att regera medvetet motarbetat,hotat och förtrykt läkare och sjuksköterskor i månader innan det blev känt för omvärlden om Corona viruset.Kina som regim har visat åter igen efter Sars br

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Give Norwegian equal treatment as other airlines in distributing Covid19 aid

We now see time and time again how the Nordic countries governments either change or set stricter terms for Norwegian in relation to other airlines. Norwegian has the same right to aid as the others. Now the various authorities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are changing the rules of the game with a pretext that Norwegian has put itself in its own crisis. The Corona crisis is extraordinary and no companies are exempt from this crisis. Norway is the leading company with focus on environmentally fr

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Financial Support for Temporary Visa Holders in Australia - COVID 19

Due to the covid-19 pandemic a lot of temporary visa holders in Australia (visitor visas, student visas, 482 visa holders, working holiday visas), have been left unemployed and stranded in Australia. So far, The Australian Government has done nothing to support temporary visa holders in Australia. It has not provided a clear indication of what, if any financial support will be provided. Temporary visa holders need help and we request the Australian Government provide a clear answer to them.   We

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Petition on the introduction of vitamin C for coronavirus patients in Finland!

I am a 50-year-old woman belonging to the risk group. I'm worried about their own and many other high-risk group of consumable Finns care if we have to hospitalization due to coronavirus. I myself have asthma, bronchiextasis (rare lung disease: permanent bronchodilation) and type II diabetes. Because of my bronchiextasis, my breathing volume is low already, so getting coronavirus could be fatal or even worse for my lungs. Numerous studies on vitamin C by University of Helsinki docent Harri Hemil

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Sports friends help us!

Here is a shout-out to all who cares about sports and especially you floorball-fans! We have been robbed of our position in the highest possible league of ladies Floorball in Sweden (SSL) and now we need your help to right this wrong. On Friday 20th of March The Swedish Floorball Association decided to end the ongoing  season due to the corona-situation. A good decision. Due to particulars in the decision it unfortunately comes out unfair and unjust and we will explain why we find it so: The dec

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Ask Netflix to show 'Running for Good'

Right now people are more scared than they have ever been. They are desperate for a solution to the global crisis we are in ...and this is it - backed up with 50 years of action and implementation - read on... 'Running for Good' is a documentary featuring the life and journey of Fiona Oakes who has overcome monumental adversity throughout her life and despite serious illness and the loss of one kneecap today holds 4 Guinness World Records in marathon running as well as running Tower Hill Stables

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Petition to the General Directorate for the Environment to step up efforts to protect the wolf.

  Petition to the General Directorate for the Environment to step up efforts to protect the wolf. Andrzej Szweda-Lewandowski General Director for the Environment 52/54Wawelska St. 00-922 Warsaw     Sear Sir,      We, the undersigned, concerned about the numerous recent confirmed cases of wolf deaths due to gunshots, ask you to take all possible measures to strengthen the protection of wolves in Poland. In recent months, the media have reported on further such cases from time: 13.03.2019. - two

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STOP Zynga closing Star Wars: Commander

Please make Zynga reconsider their decision to shut down the game Star Wars: Commander Sign Now !  

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