Second Major Access Needed for Sunset Ridge in Cochrane Alberta to ensure safety of residents

As our lovely neighbourhood of Sunset Ridge keeps growing so does our concern regarding the fact that we only have one major entry/ exit for the entire community.  Anyone who lives in Sunset Ridge or who has been to Sunset Ridge during heavy traffic knows how things grind to halt very quickly and easily.  Given the recent state of emergency for the province and the increased fire threat it deeply concerns me that with the community’s current population and traffic concerns we may struggle to get everyone out of the community safely and efficiently in the event that an emergency evacuation was required.  I know there are many others who share these concerns.  Please sign the Petition Below if you agree that a second major entry/ exit to the Community of Sunset Ridge is essential to ensure the health and safety of its residents.  The entry/ exit at highway 22 and Ranchehouse Road is not sufficient as a second major exit as you can only exit North onto highway 22 and this would lead to more congestion at the main entrance/ exit to Sunset Ridge at the highway 22 and Sunset Ridge Blvd intersection.  This petition will be presented to Cochrane Town Council and other key decision makers with influence on the issue.  Below is a picture from Melcore's website regarding plans and funding for the future second access to Sunset Ridge.  


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