Sidney’s law

Pedophiles or sex offenders should be locked up for life. 
reasons why they should remain locked up for life:

1. The mental damage they do to others when they touch them. 

2. Pedophiles rob children from their innocence and childhood 

3. they cause permanent damage to families. 

4. The ripple effects that are caused from the effects of SA. 
- the ripple effect in this case would be one kid was touched then it spread from just that one kid to that kid doing it to other kids. 

In all, pedophiles should be locked up for life because of how dangerous they actually are. They may not seem or look dangerous, but once they get out of prison they keep doing the same thing that got them in. They don't stop if we let them off easy, the only way to fix this epidemic is to lock up the source for good. We have to save the kids of the next generation. 

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